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  • Top-10-Tourist-Attractions-In-Placencia-Belize

    Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Placencia Belize

    Do you love Top 10 lists? You should. Top 10 lists save time and money and which vacationer doesn’t want more of both while visiting Placencia Belize? When Moneywatch reporter Steve Tobak tried to explain why people love Top 10 lists, viewers argued that it’s a fad. But 10 years later, top 10 lists remain hot. “Followers can’t retweet them fast enough,” Tobak adds. Is…

    summer in belize

    Placencia Belize: Best Place To Visit This Summer

    Crowds have vanished. Rates have dropped. Belize’s current hot spot, Placencia, stands ready to welcome visitors. Don’t settle for an ordinary summer vacation when you can have an exceptional one! Heading to Central America for summer vacation used to be a laborious affair. You needed a trunk of clothing, a ton of bug spray and a Spanish translation guide that rarely did the trick. Happily,…

    belize whale shark diving and snorkeling

    Belize Whale Shark Diving & Snorkeling 2020

    If you prefer your shark seared and served with drawn butter, your menu picks will change once you dive or snorkel with the biggest critters in the ocean who haven’t a mean bone in their oversized bodies! It’s anybody’s guess how travel writer Camille Meyers fared when she was assigned the feature story, “11 Places Where You Can Swim with Sharks” by Expedia.com in 2019….

    belize relaxing vacations (2)

    The Best Vacation Spot in Belize for Relaxing

    If you thought visiting Mecca required a ticket to Saudi Arabia, we’ve got news: Mecca is a couple of hours away by plane and there’s no other place like it in the Western hemisphere. U.S. cities named Mecca are found in California, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas, according to Geotarget.com. But there’s another mecca you should know about and it’s located in Belize:…

    weekly belize tours

    Weekly Scheduled Belize Tours Require No Advance Planning

    Belize resorts are fun to visit, but few offer regularly-scheduled tours. Stay at Laru Beya Resort and grab one or more at the last minute so you don’t miss a thing. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy a lifestyle that allows you to pack up and leave town on short notice, understand that you are the object of everyone’s envy! The ability to sort one’s…

    placencia belize fishing tours

    Placencia Belize Fishing Tours: Your Invitation to Paradise

    The sign on the wall of your home says it all: “I got a new fishing rod for my wife; best trade I ever made!” Your wife understands. She knew when she married you that fishing was your passion! Both husbands and wives understand that for avid fisherman and fisherwomen, there is no activity that provides the excitement, thrills and happiness found on a single…

    belize spring break

    Top Reasons to Visit Belize for Spring Break

    Why Students Can’t Get Enough Spring Break Fun in Belize Deborah J. Cohan, Ph.D. offers suggestions to parents who freak-out when “spring break” is on the horizon because they worry the kids will get in trouble. Does that describe you? Dr. Cohan recommends discussing all daunting topics long before the time comes to leave for spring break–from peer pressure to binge drinking. But she doesn’t…

    belize in march

    Belize: The Most Amazing Place to Go in March 2020

    “March” to the Beat of Your Own Drum in Placencia, Belize You survived January. Put up with February. By March, you’re desperate to abandon your coat but winter continues on. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered: A March holiday in Placencia Peninsula, Belize. According to mental health experts, symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)—a type of depression—tend to start in October and, in some…