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  • Belize Wildlife

    Belize Wildlife (And Where to Find Them)

    Whether you can still recall your mom or dad reading to you aloud from the classic Maurice Sendak-illustrated and written book, Where the Wild Things Are – or you’ve just read it to your grandkids, you already know that this book remains a generational favorite. Why do kids love it so much? Because they identify with shy, misunderstood Max who escapes to an island where…

    All Inclusive Belize

    10 Benefits of Booking a Belize All-Inclusive Package

    There’s a reason cruise ships have remained a popular option for travelers: Vacationers know upfront that everything they need and want is included for one price so if they don’t want to spend more, they don’t have to. International resorts adopted this model decades ago when owners saw the wisdom in these types of bundles, but if you’re not yet convinced that they’re the only…

    Belize Spring Break Vacation

    Why Not Declare Your Own April and May Belize Spring Break, Parents?

    Once upon a time, spring break almost always straddled the Spring Equinox which took place this year on March 20, 2022. But spring break dates are anything but uniform these days, so if you’ve got students attending different colleges, it may feel like spring break 2022 is endless! Since you’re already an expert at managing your kids’ disruptive college and school schedules throughout Covid, we…

    Belize Familymoons

    Belize Familymoons Are the Next Best Thing For Parents Who Recently Got Married

    In the not-too-distant past, all U.S. entertainment magazine editors had to do to pump up readership was to feature actress Elizabeth Taylor on the cover. The public was obsessed with her seven marriages during an era in which two marriages bordered on scandalous behavior. Attitudes have changed at warp speed since then. In 2015, a Washington Post headline declared: “Millions of Americans have been married three…

    Birding in Belize

    Why Belize is a Birder’s Destination in Central America

    This Wikipedia page may not account for every bird spotted in Belize, but it’s a good estimation. Belize’s national bird is the lively keel-billed toucan, and while this is a particularly handsome species, bird lovers are known to become equally enamored of the estimated 590+ bird species visitors could spot if they stick around long enough. How would you describe your enthusiasm for birds? According…

    Belize Slow Travel

    Slow Down, Eager Traveler! Discover the Magic of Slow Travel in Belize

    According to an article published in The Harvard Crimson, Americans rush around too much, said University of Berlin Professor Adolph Goldschmidt. “They never bother to rest and reflect,” he added. “They want to see how many miles they can make in a day.” His words were delivered at a 1930 lecture, yet little changed about American travel habits over time – until Carlo Petrini, protesting…

    Family Reunion Trip to Belize

    If Ever There Was a Time for a Caribbean Family Reunion, It’s Now!

    …especially if the destination you choose is Belize, the only Central American nation where English is the primary language. Members of your family are likely starved for in-person get-togethers with the people they love and if you’ve appointed yourself (or been drafted!) as the coordinator of this getaway, make the job as easy as possible by picking a resort offering family members a barefoot-luxury stay….

    Belize Vacation Discounts

    Snag Low Season Rates During High Season? You Can at This Belize Beach Resort

    Since Belize has become the quintessential go-to vacation spot for North Americans eager for a sunny, friendly Caribbean sojourn that won’t require them to liquidate their assets or learn a second language, devoted visitors don’t have to be convinced of the merits of choosing this nation over neighboring countries. For travelers who have yet to discover the benefits of a Belize vacation, a bit of…

    What you need to know before visiting Belize this year

    Things To Know When Visiting Belize in 2022

    Let’s start with what you already know! Belizeans are warm. The weather is warmer. It only takes a few hours to reach Belize from southern U.S. cities (you may not finish your crossword puzzle), and because everyone speaks English, no apps are required. Belize’s Covid preventative measures are so state of the art, the tourism industry instituted Gold Standard protocols, conferring certification on the nation’s…