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  • Placencia Restaurant

    Are you happy to announce to anyone who will listen that you are a dedicated foodie? The lofty designation describes anyone who finds themselves claiming the title because they exhibit these characteristics:

    • There isn’t a food you won’t try
    • The next meal is always on your mind
    • You judge the quality of any gathering by the food
    • Photographing your dishes before you eat has become a ritual
    • You’re the go-to person for friends seeking restaurant recommendations
    • No resort vacation makes your list if the restaurant isn’t fabulous!

    So you plan to take your taste buds to Belize?

    If the answer is yes, choosing Laru Beya Resort as your destination is the very best move you can make. This all inclusive paradise not only occupies prime beachfront property on the trendy Placencia Peninsula, but guests are treated to a generous helping of all the treats a stressed-out sun seeker desires in a package: lodging, local transport, onsite activities, and an exciting tour menu.

    Having proclaimed your desire to put your foodie talents to the test for the entirety of your getaway, you’re mostly interested in knowing what awaits on Laru Beya’s The Quarterdeck Restaurant & Bar menu. Reflective of Belize’s unique cultural mix, you’ll be treated to Caribbean, Mexican and Italian dishes, all made with locally-sourced produce, the freshest seafood, plus homemade specialties made under the watchful eyes of creative chefs.

    Mindful of guests with special dietary needs, guests advising Laru Beya staffers of restrictions will receive special attention since chefs are adroit at accommodating the desires of vegetarians, vegans, folks with allergy restrictions and even those who must abide by gluten-free diets. For guests with no dietary issues, this resort is a foodie’s paradise; a charming three-story al fresco establishment known for delicious views of the Caribbean. Laru Beya’s mixologists, who enjoy crafting delicious tropical cocktails, will easily win your approval from the first pour of your favorite spirits.

    Placencia Belize Restaurant

    Eating with abandon won’t pack on pounds…

    …if you make sure you get away from the table at the Quarterdeck and the beach lounge you’ve staked out for the duration of your stay. Take advantage of all these amenities. After all, even foodies need recreation so they’re ready for the next adventure in gastronomy, and for those whose interest in sports extends beyond onsite activities, Laru Beya’s scheduled tours and fabulous Add-Ons will add zest and excitement to every aspect of your stay.

    Before you start packing for your culinary adventure (you know whether you’ll need shorts with elastic waists!), consider a current deal only available for a short time if you would like to save money. It’s got “Welcome Foodies” written all over it. Not only will you save money, but you don’t lose a single benefit included in the all inclusive offer. Treat yourself to a big helping of fun, food, and frolicking that’s wrapped around your getaway. Oh, and it goes without saying: Bring your appetite.

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