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  • Award Winning Belize Resort

    How does it feel to stay at a resort that has been designated among the top 10% of listings on the highly-trusted TripAdvisor website? Awesome, say the 1,100 travelers who have taken the time to give Laru Beya Resort, a premium sanctuary along Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, glowing reviews! 

    But don’t take our word for the resort that has generated this many high ratings; check out the typical feedback staff receives every day:

    •  “Normally we travel to Mexico and enjoy the party scene but wanted something more relaxing. Let me say, this place did not disappoint.”
    •  “Not enough exclamation points for Laru Beya!!!!!” 
    •  “I was a little concerned about having only one restaurant in the resort, but we were not disappointed. After seven days we still weren’t able to try everything on the menu!”
    •  “We were sorry to leave but will definitely come back again in the future. Keep up the good work. You have something quite special.”
    •  “I am a vegetarian and they accommodated me without any issues. They even brought me a separate vegetarian menu that I could order from.”
    •  “Laru Beya knocks it out of the park! It truly made our trip. See you again soon!”

    Award Winning Placencia Belize Resort

    What does a TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice designation mean?

    Why is a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice award so significant? It’s no mystery. TripAdvisor gives Travelers’ Choice awards only to accommodations, attractions, and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from guests, which means that they must earn plaudits from consumers that prove they rank within the top 10% of properties this travel resource evaluates. 

    It’s easy to see how management and staff were able to earn this designation. Accommodations are beautiful. All inclusive packages and add-ons allow every guest to customize their getaway to suit their needs and desires. The Laru Beya tour menu includes Belize’s best of the best attractions, activities, and destinations, but for folks who have no intention of leaving the premises, onsite amenities are guaranteed to keep them engaged, active, and delighted. 
    Belize All Inclusive Vacation Packages

    Comfort meets value at this tropical hideaway

    In addition to the posting of so many glowing reviews posted by Laru Beya guests following their stays at this intimate property, staff, and management are aware of the fact that not everyone can afford to stay at a place beloved by elite travelers, so they make sure to offer special deals when possible that make those travel dreams possible. This is highly appreciated by consumers responsible for writing the glowing reviews that landed Laru Beya this 2023 award. 

    Curious? You should be. If just the thought of making your next holiday destination at Laru Beya intrigues you because you want to see what those 1,100 enthusiastic guests were talking about when they raved about their sojourns, make this TripAdvisor People’s Choice designee your vacation destination over summer when rates and deals make this award-winning resort an ideal choice for you and your favorite travel partners!

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