Where to snorkel in Placencia Belize

Where To Snorkel In Placencia Belize?

Make These 3 Your Lucky Snorkeling Spots While Visiting Belize You don’t have to be superstitious to adopt the number three as your lucky number if you’re putting together an itinerary for the snorkeling in Belize vacation you’ve been eager to take. Just remember the number 3. It’s considered so lucky by the Chinese, a Beijing resident paid $215,000 for the phone number 133-3333-3333! Bring…

8 Incredible Places To Visit in Southern Belize

8 Incredible Places To Visit in Southern Belize

Belize is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the Western Hemisphere, thanks in part to it’s Chinese residents. Many keep up with traditions families left behind. Why mention this? Because the number 8 is the luckiest number of all in Chinese society, so your decision to visit 8 of the most popular places on the Placencia peninsula is a most fortuitous decision that…


Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Placencia Belize

Do you love Top 10 lists? You should. Top 10 lists save time and money and which vacationer doesn’t want more of both while visiting Placencia Belize? When Moneywatch reporter Steve Tobak tried to explain why people love Top 10 lists, viewers argued that it’s a fad. But 10 years later, top 10 lists remain hot. “Followers can’t retweet them fast enough,” Tobak adds. Is…

belize whale shark diving and snorkeling

Belize Whale Shark Diving & Snorkeling 2020

If you prefer your shark seared and served with drawn butter, your menu picks will change once you dive or snorkel with the biggest critters in the ocean who haven’t a mean bone in their oversized bodies! It’s anybody’s guess how travel writer Camille Meyers fared when she was assigned the feature story, “11 Places Where You Can Swim with Sharks” by Expedia.com in 2019….

weekly belize tours

Weekly Scheduled Belize Tours Require No Advance Planning

Belize resorts are fun to visit, but few offer regularly-scheduled tours. Stay at Laru Beya Resort and grab one or more at the last minute so you don’t miss a thing. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy a lifestyle that allows you to pack up and leave town on short notice, understand that you are the object of everyone’s envy! The ability to sort one’s…

Glovers Reef in Belize

Glovers Reef Atoll Diving

No parrots or pirate hats required to dive this gorgeous Belize atoll, though the pirates are no longer around to welcome you! According to “Moon Belize” author Lebawit Lily Girma, one doesn’t need to travel to a large island to enjoy the world’s best diving experience, which is why Glover’s Reef Atoll in Southern Belize has become a popular destination for vacationers. First of all,…

Placencia Belize Scuba Diving

Placencia: Belize’s Scuba Diving Paradise

How does it feel to sink beneath the surface of the water protected by the latest in scuba diving equipment and eager to see what everyone talks about when they describe this life-affirming experience? In a word: amazing. And once divers learn about the history that “buoys” this sport, they’re even more impressed. In 500 BC, the world’s first breath-holding techniques were demonstrated for the…

Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Lining Tours

Zip, Zip Hooray for Belize Cave Tubing, Hiking and Zipline Adventures

Zip Lining & Cave Tubing Are Two Popular Belize Adventure Tours If your idea of the world’s perfect vacation includes as many adventures as you can cram into your schedule, a steady diet of jungle zip lining, cave tubing and waterfall hiking in Belize is sure to satisfy your itch for excitement. Worried that you’re too old, not fit enough or lacking in courage? The…

things to see and do in placencia belize

6 Placencia Belize Adventures That Belong on Your Wish List

For a small place (just 16-miles of beachfront), Placencia peninsula has deep, exotic roots. Home to a quaint Creole village populated by around 1200 people, Placencia’s name was given by Spaniards who found the area to be quiet and peaceful. Then, something magical happened: Natural wonders began attracting visitors weary of crowds. Now, it’s the perfect balance of tranquility and adventure both of which await…