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  • Recharge During Your Placencia Belize Vacation

    The notion of “re-charging” has undergone quite the evolution over time, say lexicologists. The word’s original meaning comes from 15th-century France where the verb was used to designate the process of reloading vessels and then applied to the invention of the battery in 1876. It took until 1921 for the concept of recharging to make the figurative pivot defined as the restoration of fitness and mental composure.

    These days, the idea of recharging has been adopted by health publications, videos, books, and other media, and the topic has expanded in so many directions, there are numerous ways to revive your body and spirit. If you are already a believer of the importance of recharging, you know that the experience offering you the most amount of stress reduction, immunity boosts, heightened creativity, and a longer life can only be found by escaping to a more relaxing environment.

    The best place to recharge isn’t far away

    Would you like take your recharge mission abroad—minus the jet lag and language lessons? Head for Belize and especially the Placencia Peninsula. This finger of land emulates an offshore island atmosphere, but you won’t need a boat to get to the hottest mainland tourist attractions since many are situated along this 16-mile-long shoreline.

    Placencia feels like an island. A single mile separates the Caribbean side from the lagoon side, and you can undergo your own metamorphosis by hanging out on both beaches. Where to stay for the quintessential recharge? Laru Beya Resort, a cozy, navigable property on the Caribbean shore. While sojourning at this haven, you won’t have to leave the resort grounds to start the recharge process.

    Recharge During Your Placencia Belize GetawayWhy guests flock to Laru Beya to recharge their batteries

    • The All Inclusive Package  means you can put your brain on autopilot because accommodations, meals, unlimited local beverages, and more are all pre-arranged.
    • Placencia may be a short finger of land but it’s mighty! Walk to nearby communities from Laru Beya where boutiques, galleries, pubs, eateries, and markets will keep you energized in-between tours and onsite activities.
    • You won’t mind the fact that there is no spa on the grounds because the services you crave most will be delivered either on your balcony or within your lodging.
    • If you have the courage to unplug (or commit to checking your device only once per day), accomplishing your re-charge objective will be even more dramatic.
    • Get your fill of the tours, and don’t be surprised if you feel so energized, you decide to try activities that aren’t usually on your activity list.

    If saving money energizes you more than anything else, a current special could have your name written all over it, so see if a little planning can help you wangle this discount. This deal has restrictions, so read the fine print before you inquire into availability at [email protected] or call the toll-free number: 1-800-329-2528. You’ll be ready to conquer the world by the time you return home!

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