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    Blogger Joanna Nowak considers herself to be “an ethical and responsible” nomad who wouldn’t dream of taking a conventional vacation to a spot that isn’t classified as an off-the-beaten-track destination. She’s rather young to have adopted this style of travel as her mantra, but she quickly learned to step out of her comfort zone to immerse herself in local cultures.

    Where does the ethical part of her mission come in? Her goals are to omit hot spots so she doesn’t personally contribute to over-tourism, and she’s adroit at digging up leads to places that neither attract crowds nor charge entry fees. Nowak is one brave young woman and she’s on a mission to encourage anyone she encounters, meets, or communicates with, to follow in her footsteps.

    Sound like exactly the type of travel you’d like to try?

    Belize ecotourism

    It could be once you are you aware of exactly what off-the-beaten-path travel (OTBT) means. Aside from selecting tourist-free places, Nowak always travels with a purpose: To become a mindful traveler, develop an awareness of the nation she explores, and find purpose at every stop. How does she unearth these destinations? By doing what you’re doing right now: Following bloggers, befriending locals, joining Facebook groups, and reading posts just like this one!

    Nowak says that it’s important to stick to the plan by applying due diligence to your research and planning, find guides if you are too scared to go it alone, assume you will confront risks, and accept the fact that off-the-beaten-track travel can get lonely. If you’re intrigued, make your very first off-the-beaten-track holiday destination Belize, where Laru Beya Resort makes the perfect landing spot for your first adventure.

    Find your bliss at Laru Beya Resort

    Laru Beya may appear to be a typical Caribbean resort at first glance, but it’s an OTBT property in disguise. It’s too small to attract crowds, but the scope, number, and diversity of opportunities to immerse yourself in every aspect of Belize’s recreation, culture, and history is built into the tour menu that is so multi-faceted, plenty of guests stick around longer because they needed extra time to see everything they desire.

    If you’re traveling solo, count on experienced guides to have your back, though at an intimate resort like Laru Beya, you’re bound to connect with other guests on outings and when dining at the resort’s restaurant where the food is heavenly, the libations are yummy, and thanks to fewer guests, count on staffers to remember your name as well as your favorite cocktail.

    Laru Beya’s All Inclusive Package eliminates worrying about sojourn details, and saving money is as easy as saying yes to deals that require little more than meeting deadlines and agreeing to terms that accompany every generous special. We’re not sure if Joanna Nowak has sojourned Laru Beya yet, but if you’re reading this, Joanna, we encourage you to make this your next adventure for all the right reasons!

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