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10 Ways Belize Can Help You Recover from Lockdown

As days drag on, Covid variants dampen spirits and interfere with the things we want to do and places we want to go. Mental health experts have weighed in the consequences. “The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have profound mental health effects,” say experts chronicling the impact isolation and social distancing have had on even the most hopeful souls. Unlike other catastrophic events, the virus…

Belize Family Travel

It’s Winter. Your Family Craves a Sunny Belize Vacation!

In case you haven’t heard the news, there is no destination comparable to the Placencia peninsula in southern Belize. Travel professionals, journalists and frequent Belize visitors sing this district’s praises because it’s ideally situated, family-friendly and gorgeous, especially during the winter months. Finding a resort for your family getaway on Placencia is no brainer: Laru Beya is a haven for families who want to see…

Placencia Belize vacation

Find Pure Relaxation in Placencia Belize

According to wellness experts at the Mayo Clinic, pure relaxation benefits your mind and body so many ways, you may not need an excuse to pursue it more often! The moment you begin relaxing, these benefits flow your way: Your heart rate slows Blood pressure drops Your breathing rate settles down Improved digestion begins Blood sugar levels return to normal Hormone-induced stress attacks stop You’ll…

Placencia - Best Destination To Visit in Belize

Craving Time in Paradise? It’s Just a Few Hours Away in Belize

Huffington Post contributor Melissa Heisler asked people who live in paradise to explain exactly what they mean when making that claim. Responses from people who moved to the Caribbean seeking delight and bliss were numerous, but what surprised her most was this common sentiment: “Paradise is a place within, not a location without.” But suppose you could have both – what if you are given…

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Endless Summer? Find it in Belize Where it’s 80-degrees F in January

Is there a difference between summer sun and winter sun? The question has fascinated astronomists for so long, speculation began before the first Maya people made their way to the region we now call Central America around 350 BC to the lowlands of Belize. Accordingly, the cosmos is predictable. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter in December. In the Southern Hemisphere, snow in July is…

Belize Winter Vacations

Can’t Stand the Cold? Kiss Winter Goodbye in Placencia Belize

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you could extend your life if you escape the winter weather and head for climates that are kind to your body and mind. The CDC details myriad risks northerners face when snow falls, temperatures plummet and bone-chilling winds whip up. No wonder your body rebels! Why stick around, run up huge heating bills and…

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Are You Up for Some Belize Adventures During the Holidays?

Scientists are fascinated with the reasons people love adventure vacations and some of the best results of their research are encapsulated by Candice Gaukel Andrews writing for the Good Nature Travel Blog. You could be taken aback when you read some of the perks her research unearthed about the benefits of adventure travel: 1. Getting dusty and dirty on adventures strengthens the immune system. 2….

Belize Honeymoon Packages

How to Plan an Effortless Honeymoon in Belize

Having come out of a two-year Covid pandemic coma, you and your honey are putting wedding details on the front burner and this advice is guaranteed to make your nuptials even better: It’s smart to put as much detail into planning your honeymoon as you do on the cake, the flowers, and reception! Ask yourself this question: what’s more important than a chance to launch…

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Considering Group Travel? No Destination Surpasses Belize!

In addition to being great fun, there are surprising benefits associated with a friend’s trip — a few of which aren’t obvious, but you’ll find them insightful. Suggest Belize and you’re likely to get buy-in from your entire posse. What’s it like to vacation with friends in Belize? Consider rave reviews from a delighted visitor who invited her nearest and dearest to accompany her to…

Where to Go in December

Where to Go in December: The Best Place to Travel

North American society was greatly impacted by Covid-19 – perhaps more so than other nations because consumerism drives U.S. culture. But something amazing happened to people who weren’t very generous: Not only did the pandemic make North Americans more grateful, but that gratitude was reflected in an increase in holiday gift spending in 2020 – an increase likely to escalate in 2021. Not lost among…