Belize Nature and Jungle Tours

06 Feb: Belize Nature and Jungle Tours: They’re Not Just for Bucket Listers!

According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, “there is mounting empirical evidence that interacting with nature delivers measurable benefits to people.” What kind of benefits? Huge ones. Spend time in nature and your physical health, psychological well-being and cognitive performance all get a boost. Who knew that a Belize Nature and Jungle Tour could deliver so many benefits? Whether it’s on…


01 Feb: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Placencia Belize

One of the top tourist destinations in the region, Belize has more than 400 islands that stretch from north to south along the Belize Barrier Reef, part of the second-largest barrier reef in the world after Australia’s. With more than 100 types of coral and some 500 species of tropical fish, the barrier reef is paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Swimming through vividly clear…


21 Jan: 10 interesting facts about Belize

This increasingly popular vacation hotspot is located just a few hours’ flying time from the United States. Below are 10 interesting facts about Belize: 1 – The Only Jaguar Preserve on the Planet Half a dozen great cats, including jaguars and pumas, are indigenous to Belize and Central America. Belize is the only country in the world with a nature sanctuary dedicated to preserving these…


16 Jan: Fall in Love All Over Again at Laru Beya in Placencia Belize

Family therapists Sally and John Connolly know a thing or two about the benefits of leaving familiar surroundings behind and taking romantic vacations to keep their relationship healthy and happy. In fact, Sally likes to quote Dr. John Gottman, the University of Washington researcher, whose focus is on relationships: “It is easy to find things to like [about each other] while on a vacation,” even…

placencia belize

06 Jan: Placencia: It’s un-BELIZE-able

  Located in Belize’s southeastern Stann Creek District, the Placencia Peninsula measures about a mile wide and 16 miles north to south with beautiful beaches along the Caribbean Sea on the eastern side and a mangrove-lined lagoon, an angler’s paradise, on the western side. Just a quick drive or few minutes’ flying time from Belize City, Placencia has become one of the most popular visitor…

Top Tourist Attractions in Placencia Belize

02 Jan: Top Tourist Attractions in Placencia Belize

Located in Southern Belize, the peninsula of Placencia has some of the country’s most beautiful and spectacular beaches and these together with a vast array of inexpensive and comfortable accommodations make it an ideal vacation destination. Placencia Village is also a perfect base to explore many of the top attractions in southern Belize. Below we have compiled the best tours you must do while vacationing in Placencia:

Flora and Fauna in Belize

04 Dec: Flora and Fauna in Belize

Abundant rainfall, balmy temperatures, and huge swathes of pristine land make Belize one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. More than 4,000 different native flowering plants can be found in Belize as well as more than 700 different species of trees and other flora. Scientists have only just begun to catalog all of the different plants in the country, a difficult task as…

Lonely Planet Belize

23 Oct: Visit Belize in 2019 Says Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, one of the largest publishers of travel guides in the world, has just published their list of the top 10 countries to visit in 2019 which includes Belize. Noted for its gorgeous offshore islands (called “cayes” locally) and pristine rainforests, Belize was recommended by Lonely Planet for being relatively “untouristed” and having a government firmly committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment….

Belizean Food

02 Sep: Belizean Food – Typical and Traditional Things to Try

One of the most popular attractions of visiting Belize is the opportunity to sample the delicious range of food available from restaurants, cafes, and roadside stalls. With a rich cultural heritage, Belizean cuisine features the very best of Caribbean, British, Asian, and Mexican flavors to achieve delicious flavors suitable for every palate. While some international visitors prefer the comforts of familiar food, below are some…