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Belize Beach Jungle Vacations

With our stunning collection of locally owned & managed all inclusive boutique resorts in Southern Belize, we are committed to providing one of a kind jungle and private island vacation experiences for a wide range of travelers.

Belize bucket lists are frequently packed with a variety of items from beach to jungle adventure tours: snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef, exploring ancient Mayan Ruins, hiking the vast Belizean rainforest, and of course, getting in enough time to simply relax on the beach with a tropical cocktail in hand. Travelers often wonder: “When in Belize, how do I do it all?”

Our Belize vacation packages at each resort  were created with exactly this in mind. Choose any combination of our resort locations for one unBelizeable vacation. By splitting your holiday at our sister properties, you’ll create an amazing experience.

During a stay at our island resorts, Coco Plum Island or Manta Island, you’ll bask in the ambiance of private island living. Be prepared to be pampered to the fullest as you are surrounded by water so clear, you can see the bottom! Worried that you might go stir crazy or miss out on all the jungle adventures Belize has to offer? Don’t worry, your stay on our private islands in Belize can be combined with a mainland locale: Laru Beya Resort  or Belizean Dreams, where access to Belize jungle and rainforest adventures are abundant. Select a combination experience for the best of both worlds. Contact us to book your combination stay at our collection of resorts. Reservation team members at all resorts can help you book your combination stay.

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Combo Stay with Coco Plum Island Resort

Placencia Belize Resort“My wife and I visited Coco Plum Island and it was all it was advertised as. An island retreat that sparked all your senses and made you want to stay there forever. The staff was as warm and welcoming as anywhere we have ever been. The food was way beyond our expectations and the all inclusive packages were a bargain with all you get.”
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