Celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize

The Garinuga people are a unique component of the cultural melting pot that is Belize. Often described as the Garifuna (technically Garifuna is the adjective form of Garinuga), this unique culture was born more than 400 years ago when imported slaves intermarried with local Carib and Arawak peoples on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. In 1802, after being harried by British forces, the Garifuna…


Explore Rio on Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge

Explore Rio on Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge Rio on pools is one of the most enchanting waterfalls in Belize. It is located deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge and many travelers stop to take a dip in this beautiful waterfall on their way from visiting the Maya site of Caracol which is classified by Archaeologists as one of the largest Maya sites in…


10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss a Belize Vacation

The tiny Central American country that is Belize is known for its UNESCO world heritage site, the great Belize Barrier Reef that happens to be the world’s second largest reef system in the world. Apart from that it was also listed as one of the world’s top happiest places by the Happy Planet Index. If you don’t already know what a Belize Vacation is like, here are 10 of many more reasons why you should visit this Caribbean paradise.