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    How many times have you used the words hustle and bustle, yet had no idea what the pair meant in concert? Lexicology experts can’t agree either. One insists that the word hustle harkens back to 1684 as an adaptation of the Dutch word hutselen (meaning shake). Others insist that hustle and bustle first appeared in 1812—years after the Old English word “bustle” (originally bersten) debuted in 1350.

    Where did bersten come from? It’s the Old Icelandic term for beat. Confused? You’re not alone…but, if today’s definition of hustle and bustle best describes the pace of your life, you don’t need dictionaries to describe the way you feel as you try to apply the brakes on days that make driving on Germany’s Autobahn feel like a slow crawl. You need a break to get off this spirit-breaking merry-go-round and we can help.

    Exit the Autobahn for a well-deserved respite!

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    Confront the hustle and bustle that drives the pace of your life, pack up your resort wear and get as far away from it as you can. You don’t have to visit the other side of the globe. There’s a haven awaiting in Belize that’s a short plane ride away. This parcel of land is named Placencia for its slow pace and beauty. You’ll call it the capital of laid-back because the peace and tranquility you crave pervades this area.

    Where to stay to decompress from hustle and bustle? Only one haven will do: Laru Beya Resort, home to Belize’s most generous All Inclusive Package. No need to banish the words hustle and bustle from your vocabulary once you view the exciting tours and experiences designed for guests, and onsite amenities offer an infusion of activity that works nicely with pool and beach time.

    You don’t have to exert an iota of energy to enjoy Laru Beya’s customized spa services, either. They’re delivered within the privacy of your suite or balcony—and those treatments includes fabulous couples massages that are worth their weight in gold!

    You may wish to hustle if it means saving money

    Even if you can only spare as few as three days for your respite, take advantage of Laru Beya’s current Sun, Sand, and Savings special that is so wallet friendly, you could save enough to justify a longer stay when there is availability between now and December 18, 2024. You’re required to book immediately. News of this deal has lit up the Internet, leading to heavily booked dates, but if you hustle after reading the details surrounding this special, you’ll be successful in getting the dates you seek.

    Laru Beya staff stands ready to show you their version of hustle and bustle as they treat you to personalized service that makes your sojourn exceedingly serene and pleasurable, so by the time you return to the hustle and bustle surrounding your world, there’s a chance you’ll view the whirlwind engulfing you as nothing more than a minor inconvenience!

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