Visit the chocolate festival of Belize

Belize Festivals – Discover 8 Unique Traditions and Celebrations

One of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation is to attend one of the many Belize festivals and live events that occur in the country throughout the year. Belize is a true melting pot society where diverse cultures such as the Maya, Mestizos, Creole, and Garifuna each contribute their own traditions and celebrations involving food, fun, and history. Here are…

getting to Placencia Belize

Vacationing on Belize’s Placencia Peninsula? Here’s How to Get There

For U.S. primary school students, lessons about the midnight ride of Paul Revere are mandatory. Teachers still use the phrase “One, if by land, and two, if by sea,” to teach kids about the secret signal given by Revere to alert patriots about the route British troops were taking. His warning helped win the American Revolutionary War. In Belize, where Brits held dominion from 1783…

Belize Ecotourism

7 Benefits of a Belize Ecotourism Experience

Where to start your Belize journey? On the Placencia peninsula, where ocean and lagoon coasts offer a true education in marine ecology. In terms of location, visitors couldn’t find a more eco-friendly place to stay than Laru Beya Resort where you can count on these 7 ecotourism benefits. 1. Sojourn at a location dedicated to the preservation of a vast array of life forms. From…

the best time to visit belize

When To Go To Belize

The Best Time To Visit Belize What’s the best time to visit Belize? That’s complicated by the fact that there’s inherently no wrong time to visit Belize. The country’s ideal location right along the equator ensures that it’s privileged with a mild climate throughout much of the year, and the notion of a rainy season is vastly overstated. That’s to say that there is no…


Do Not Miss The 16th Annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival

Placencia Village Sidewalk © Muzamanzie Photographs, Belize On February 9-10, 2019, the village of Placencia will host the 16th annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival. The village’s world-famous central sidewalk will transform into an interactive art gallery and music festival. Booths will line the sidewalk selling delicious local foods and drinks, paintings, handmade clothing and furniture, sculpture, and wood carvings. Although it has just around 1,000…


The Top 5 Belize Nature & Wildlife Tours

Thanks to its unique history and diverse geography, Belize enjoys one of the most diverse natural environments on the planet. The islands and offshore reefs are teeming with fish, sharks, rays, and sea turtles while the rainforests and jungles of the interior are home to monkeys, crocodiles, giant iguanas, tapirs, and jaguars. Below are 5 amazing nature and wildlife tours to do on your vacation…


The 2018 End of the World Marathon in Placencia Belize

Hundreds of visitors from all over the world will be congregating on the sunny shores of the Placencia Peninsula this December to cheer on runners of the sixth annual End of the World Marathon. The marathon has its origins in 2012 when the world was gripped by the idea that the ancient Maya calendar had predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012….


Belize: The Top Destination for Travel in November 2018

November is here, marking the beginning of the “high season” and one of the absolute best times to visit this remarkable country. The rains of summer are over, and November is a month of long, sunny days and deliciously warm temperatures topping out at around 83°F (28°C). November is also when competition heats up between airlines, making it easier to get great deals on airfare….