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Ditch the Booking Fees: Save Big When You Book Your Belize Vacation Direct

We don’t have to tell you that inflation has taken a big bite out of discretionary spending, so when it comes to booking vacations, you likely look for every way to cut costs. Popular strategies for accomplishing this goal are using consolidators and discounters to book affordable plane flights, traveling during the off-season when there are bargains to be found, and using rewards cards. But…

Authentic Belizean Culture Blooms During Low Season

Festivals, Food, and Fun: Authentic Belizean Culture Blooms During Low Season

It’s impossible to find out exactly who came up with three seasonal descriptors that tourists look for when making vacation plans—high, low—but even the most uninformed nomad knows that low season is filled with perks. Included on the list are saving money, shorter lines, rate drops, fewer crowds, better service, and more ambiance, making low season the time savvy travelers are on the move. If…


Mayan Ruins Near Placencia Belize – 6 Ruins & Caves To Explore

If you are a cave or archaeology enthusiast and you are staying in Placencia Village and do not want to leave the Peninsula, then you must explore as many ruins as possible on full-day tours. Of course, you could type “Mayan ruins near me” in search or just read the blog below to find out about six Mayan ruins near Placencia, Belize, several of which…


Top Tourist Attractions in Placencia Belize

Located in Southern Belize, the peninsula of Placencia has some of the country’s most beautiful and spectacular beaches and these together with a vast array of inexpensive and comfortable accommodations make it an ideal vacation destination. Placencia Village is also a perfect base to explore many of the top attractions in southern Belize. Below we have compiled the best tours you must do while vacationing in Placencia:

Placencia Belize Lobster Fest 2024

Placencia Belize Lobster Fest 2024: Mark Your Calendars for a Shell-ebration!

When you’re out to impress someone, what’s on the menu when you treat them to a meal? If you’re like most of us, a generous helping of “surf and turf,” a decadent combo of steak and lobster, says a lot about how much you respect your dinner guest. Ironically, neither steak nor lobster has always been considered the ultimate entree. According to the Book of…

Placencia Belize Scuba Diving

Placencia: Belize’s Scuba Diving Paradise

How does it feel to sink beneath the surface of the water protected by the latest in scuba diving equipment and eager to see what everyone talks about when they describe this life-affirming experience? In a word: amazing. And once divers learn about the history that “buoys” this sport, they’re even more impressed. In 500 BC, the world’s first breath-holding techniques were demonstrated for the…

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Hidden Gem of the Caribbean: Experience Belize’s Authenticity

Blogger Joanna Nowak considers herself to be “an ethical and responsible” nomad who wouldn’t dream of taking a conventional vacation to a spot that isn’t classified as an off-the-beaten-track destination. She’s rather young to have adopted this style of travel as her mantra, but she quickly learned to step out of her comfort zone to immerse herself in local cultures. Where does the ethical part…

Belize Family Vacation

The Best Overseas Summer Family Vacation Ever is Only a Few Hours Away!

If you’ve exhausted your list of North American destinations focused on entertainment or educational value that gave your children an up-close and personal look at the USA’s history and heritage, it may be time to consider expanding your kids’ vistas by taking them overseas. If you began shaking your head in mid-sentence because you’ve already collected your share of “kids on planes” nightmares, relax. Belize…

Planning the Perfect Group Vacation in Belize

How to Make Your Group’s Belize Vacation “A Perfect 10”!

When was the first time you heard someone describe a performance as a “perfect 10”? It’s the ultimate compliment for skating and gymnastics competitors, and those who recall classic films are likely to remember 10 as the criteria British actor Dudley Moore used to describe the woman of his dream in the movie, “10.” Did you know that 10 is an ideal number of people…

Summer vacation in Belize

Fall in Love with Belize’s Placencia Peninsula This Summer

Laura Jean’s passion for travel and blogging about her adventures is so strong, she once wrote an homage to her travels, including this unabashed confession: “I recently made a bold declaration to the universe. I want to travel the world and write love letters, poems and short stories about the places that captivate my heart. You see, I fall in love with places. Maybe you…