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  • Best Place To Travel in January

    Seeking the Best January 2024 Caribbean Escape? Here’s Where to Find It!

    The world has changed dramatically since Rona Jaffe authored her book The Best of Everything in 1958. This tale about three young women reflected that era’s social scene where the main characters worked only long enough to meet Mr. Right. Today, women have more things on their minds as they build careers, but one thing hasn’t changed since the book made The New York Times…

    Best Snorkeling in Placencia Belize

    Where to Find the Best Snorkeling in Belize? Placencia Of Course

    If you believe that the sport of snorkeling wasn’t “invented” until recently, you’re in for a surprise. The idea took root around 350 BC when philosopher Aristotle observed an elephant submerged in water that used its trunk to breathe. It’s a fanciful supposition and one that can’t be proven, but evidence exists that rudimentary helmets attached to reed tubes were common in the 15th century,…

    Placencia Belize Events

    7 of the Hottest 2024 Events in Placencia Belize

    If you’re currently emulating Santa Claus by making a list and checking it twice, you know that list-making is essential to getting things done. Paula Rizzo divided list-makers into three categories. Are you a Monkey? If so, you can’t function without lists. Squirrels are creative list-makers who are happy to use envelopes, receipts, and paper towels to keep tabs on tasks. Dolphins rely on productivity…

    Why Belize is Great For Families in 2023

    Best Travel Advice Ever: Take Your Family to Belize in 2024

    What do families look for when they consider taking their children abroad? We turned to experts at the Travel Channel for real-world advice offered by parents with youngsters of all ages. Some of the advice these moms and dads suggest may help you rethink your game plan if you’re planning an overseas family adventure. Did you know that frequent family travelers always find a way…

    Laru Beya Belize All Inclusive

    How to Customize Laru Beya’s All-Inclusive Package For Your Dream Vacation

    If you’ve ever booked a Caribbean vacation with friends—and agreed to let them do all the planning—you know that the likelihood that they’ll customize the itinerary to suit their tastes could leave you out in the cold. For that reason, take control of your upcoming holiday plans by personally designing a stay that includes your favorite activities, attractions, and entertainments. How to assure yourself of…

    Black Friday Offers in Placencia Belize

    Black Friday Offers at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort? They’re Part of History!

    Scholars at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech University delved into a topic that few academic institutions have attempted: The origins of the term “going viral.” Their discovery, that going viral has been around for more than 120 years, came about as the result of access to databases covering more than 10 million newspaper pages. The first example? Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan’s 1896 Democratic National Convention speech….

    Laru Beya- Where Reviews Inspire Unforgettable Belize Vacations

    Vacation Where Reviews are So Heartfelt, Why Stay Elsewhere?

    Mom probably warned you about the downside of bragging, but it’s human nature to share successes, good fortune, and blessings. Further, there are times when bragging is helpful, as evidenced by reviews written by guests at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort. Read a few and you’ll understand why guests felt impelled to rave about this tropical haven. They ran out of exclamation points! One couple apologized…

    Belize Spring Break Guide

    Spring Break 2024: It’s Better (For Everyone!) in Belize

    Once upon a time, spring break made parents of college-age kids crazy because these school sabbaticals earned reputations for being endless parties inviting risky behaviors by unleashed collegiates. It’s not hard to understand why students wanted to break free after a semester of hard work in classrooms, labs, and during exam times. Over time, spring break grew to be such wild occasions, average travelers grew…

    Thanksgiving in Placencia Belize

    Give Thanks for a Thanksgiving Escape to Belize’s Placencia Peninsula

    How grateful are you feeling this year as Thanksgiving approaches? Did you know that gratitude plays a major role in keeping you healthy? According to psychologist Matt Killingsworth, the happiest people on earth practice the art of gratitude regularly rather than saving it all up for Thanksgiving. Dr. Robert A. Emmons agrees. The University of California-Davis professor has proven that the “The human need to…

    Family Reunion Trip to Belize

    If Ever There Was a Time for a Caribbean Family Reunion, It’s Now!

    …especially if the destination you choose is Belize, the only Central American nation where English is the primary language. Members of your family are likely starved for in-person get-togethers with the people they love and if you’ve appointed yourself (or been drafted!) as the coordinator of this getaway, make the job as easy as possible by picking a resort offering family members a perfect stay….