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  • where to stay in placencia belize

    Where Should I Stay In Placencia Belize In 2021?

    If you’ve visited Belize travel websites that have nothing to say about Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, you’re reading fake news! This hot spot for serious visitors with a hunger for fun in the sun, close proximity to the nation’s natural and entertainment treasures, and the location of the country’s most often saluted beaches, Placencia has become a mecca now that Covid vaccines have begun to be administered…

    why visit placencia belize right now

    Should You Visit Placencia Belize Now Or Should You Wait?

    It’s a conundrum that rarely troubled you before Covid: Should I travel now or wait? There is no bad response to this question, especially if you have been thinking about visiting Belize. Where in Belize? According to travel experts, the Placencia peninsula is an ideal choice because it’s centrally located and offers everything you seek in a Caribbean vacation. To fully appreciate Placencia, you need lodgings that…

    december vacations belize

    Make it a December to Remember at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort

    If you’re a frequent traveler and know that heading to the Caribbean at the end of a typical year can put a huge dent in your bank account, we encourage you to keep this in mind rather than mourning the fact that you’re stuck at home this year coping with snow, wind and daunting temperatures: You can afford to spend Christmas in Belize. It’s not…

    Best All Inclusive Resort Deals Find them in Placencia Belize

    Best All Inclusive Resort Deals? Find them in Placencia, Belize

    Is anything worse than returning from a bliss-filled vacation to find invoices in your mailbox detailing expenses incurred while you were relaxing? Nothing ruins a holiday more. For this reason and more, travelers are choosing all inclusive resorts. Here are a few reasons why: You know in advance what your vacation will cost and you can budget for it. You’re more likely to add to…

    All Inclusive Trip To Belize

    How Much Is An All Inclusive Trip To Belize?

    Can you put a price on happiness? The answer is no, say philosophers and academics, and plenty of research studies undertaken by psychologists prove the point. But that doesn’t mean wise travelers can’t put a price on the travel discounts available to them, which is why so many are choosing all-inclusive packages when they vacation. Even skeptics admit that they would be hard-pressed to find…


    Nothing Compares to BLACKFRIDAY Specials at Belize’s Laru Beya

    If you feel like you’ve returned to your childhood because every time you turn around, you’re hearing the word no, you’re not alone. No socializing in restaurants. No movie theaters or live performances. Ditto rock concerts, symphony, and opera. But science is saying yes to two potential Covid-19 vaccines on the horizon, so there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. How to celebrate?…

    belize all inclusive

    4 Compelling Reasons to Book an All Inclusive Stay in Belize Right Now

    Not every Central American nation has been as devoted to visitor health, welfare, and safety as Belize, where tourism authorities and the government partnered to put into place unprecedented Covid-19 practices and protocols. Having conceived a list of Gold Standard practices that resorts had to implement before welcoming guests, few earned this certification faster than Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula. Laru Beya…

    re booking your belize vacation

    What To Know About Re-booking Your Belize Vacation

    Consider Re-Booking Your Belize Vacation at Laru Beya You’ve been through a nightmare during the last eight months — Covid scare; sequestering; your life turned upside down. Now, you’re ready for a getaway. But you’re concerned about your health and wonder about airline flights. Here’s good news: you can relax and consider re-booking your Belize vacation at Laru Beya Resort on the beautiful Placencia peninsula….

    November Belize Travel

    November is Here! It’s the Perfect Time to Visit Placencia Belize

    Placencia Belize, Best Place To Travel In November Members of both the Belize government and tourism authorities celebrated the re-opening of the nation’s international airport on October 1, 2020, and resorts and attractions followed suit by reopening, too. News that airplane ventilation systems have been so improved, it can be safer to fly than ever has added to the general excitement, offering travelers hungry for…