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  • why families love this placencia belize resort

    Analysts at Expedia Group Media Solutions surveyed the world’s youngest generation to see how this demographic influences family travel. They found that a new niche has been added to the list of Baby Boomers, Gen Xs, Millennials, and Gen Zs: Gen Alpha, covering anyone born between 1995 and 2010. 

    By 2025, Two billion kids will comprise the Alpha generation and every one of them is media and tech-savvy. This precocious generation doesn’t just want to be included in family holiday planning, they expect to be included. Expedia noted three trends driving contemporary family vacation planning. Check them out so you make sure every family member gets what they want most from your next family vacation. 

    1. Kids just want to have fun. If you’d like to get buy-in from your youngsters, take the word of 95% of them when they agreed that “keeping their family entertained and happy is of the utmost importance.” In fact, water activities drew a 67% response while 55% noted that any activity will do—as long as it’s done outdoors!
    2. They favor convenience. While kids don’t pay the bills, that doesn’t mean Alphas dismiss the cost of family vacations. When 52% of respondents were asked about convenience, 1/3rd of them sided with adults, saying that convenience (proximity to destination) is important. The same number of kids agreed on the importance of price reductions and “deals.” Are you surprised?
    3. Alphas want to be part of the planning process. 80% of offspring taking part in the Expedia study said that a family vacation is more meaningful to them if they have a say in where they go, what they do, and where they stay. Though adults make the ultimate decision, 57% of these youngsters want to help plan on-site itineraries. 

    placencia belize vacations

    Choose a lush property that meets every family member’s criteria

    How would you like to give your family members an exotic overseas experience that’s just a couple of hours away from home by plane? Belize fits that criteria and everyone speak English so your kids can chat up with folks they meet. The cultural boost children receive from visiting foreign lands is both fascinating and impactful. 

    At Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula, everyone in your clan gets what they crave. Mom and Dad find a relaxing escape at the resort’s spa, while children can alternate between the infinity pool and ocean or just stick to the beach and play in the sand. 

    Older kids (and adults) like to tap the resort’s inventory of kayaks and bicycles, and the resort’s Belize tour menu is filled with family-appropriate adventures. 

    Belize all inclusive packages include roomy accommodations, fabulous eats, transport to and from the resort and so much more. Large families love the 3-bedroom suites that sleep eight.

    Convinced you’ve found a family vacation mecca? Watch this YouTube video for a visual tour of Laru Beya. Getting buy-in from everyone after watching it will trigger an enthusiastic communal response: “Let’s go!”

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