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  • Belize budget travel

    Ditch the Booking Fees: Save Big When You Book Your Belize Vacation Direct

    We don’t have to tell you that inflation has taken a big bite out of discretionary spending, so when it comes to booking vacations, you likely look for every way to cut costs. Popular strategies for accomplishing this goal are using consolidators and discounters to book affordable plane flights, traveling during the off-season when there are bargains to be found, and using rewards cards. But…

    belize flora and fauna

    Exploring Belize’s Flora and Fauna – A Biodiversity Hotspot

    Belize’s breathtaking biodiversity unfolds through abundant rainfall, balmy temperatures, and vast swathes of pristine land. More than 4,000 different native flowering plants can be found in Belize, as well as more than 700 different species of trees and other flora, showcasing the incredible richness of Belize flora and fauna. Scientists have only just begun to catalog all of the different plants in the country—a challenging…

    Authentic Belizean Culture Blooms During Low Season

    Festivals, Food, and Fun: Authentic Belizean Culture Blooms During Low Season

    It’s impossible to find out exactly who came up with three seasonal descriptors that tourists look for when making vacation plans—high, low—but even the most uninformed nomad knows that low season is filled with perks. Included on the list are saving money, shorter lines, rate drops, fewer crowds, better service, and more ambiance, making low season the time savvy travelers are on the move. If…


    Mayan Ruins Near Placencia Belize – 6 Ruins & Caves To Explore

    If you are a cave or archaeology enthusiast and you are staying in Placencia Village and do not want to leave the Peninsula, then you must explore as many ruins as possible on full-day tours. Of course, you could type “Mayan ruins near me” in search or just read the blog below to find out about six Mayan ruins near Placencia, Belize, several of which…

    best family vacation Belize

    Must-Do Belize Attractions for Families with Young Children

    Followers of blogger Ruth Nuss considered her a hero when she wrote about taking her daughters—ages three and four—on a three-week trip to Europe and these successful trips resulted in blog posts that help other families follow in her footsteps. She admits that taking young ones overseas, “isn’t for everyone,” but for those who do, memories, fun, and so much more await. If you admire…


    Top Tourist Attractions in Placencia Belize

    Located in Southern Belize, the peninsula of Placencia has some of the country’s most beautiful and spectacular beaches and these together with a vast array of inexpensive and comfortable accommodations make it an ideal vacation destination. Placencia Village is also a perfect base to explore many of the top attractions in southern Belize. Below we have compiled the best tours you must do while vacationing in Placencia:

    belize vacation

    Want to Enjoy Placencia Belize Without the Hustle and Bustle? Consider Laru Beya on Your Next Visit

    How many times have you used the words hustle and bustle, yet had no idea what the pair meant in concert? Lexicology experts can’t agree either. One insists that the word hustle harkens back to 1684 as an adaptation of the Dutch word hutselen (meaning shake). Others insist that hustle and bustle first appeared in 1812—years after the Old English word “bustle” (originally bersten) debuted…

    Recharge During Your Placencia Belize Vacation

    Recharge During Your Placencia Belize Getaway

    The notion of “re-charging” has undergone quite the evolution over time, say lexicologists. The word’s original meaning comes from 15th-century France where the verb was used to designate the process of reloading vessels and then applied to the invention of the battery in 1876. It took until 1921 for the concept of recharging to make the figurative pivot defined as the restoration of fitness and…

    Placencia Belize Lobster Fest 2024

    Placencia Belize Lobster Fest 2024: Mark Your Calendars for a Shell-ebration!

    When you’re out to impress someone, what’s on the menu when you treat them to a meal? If you’re like most of us, a generous helping of “surf and turf,” a decadent combo of steak and lobster, says a lot about how much you respect your dinner guest. Ironically, neither steak nor lobster has always been considered the ultimate entree. According to the Book of…