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  • The Perfect Romantic Getaway to Belize

    The Perfect Romantic Getaway To Belize

    Town and Country magazine editors have been busy researching post-Covid honeymoon trends and they reached surprising conclusions: Despite the fact that couples availed themselves of opportunities to squirrel away money during the pandemic by canceling pricey weddings, honeymoons are being prioritized by men and women eager to find romance in paradise. No area in the western hemisphere is as trendy as Central America – especially…

    Belize Howler Monkeys

    Learn All About Belize’s Enchanting Howler Monkeys

    When researchers named the most unique characteristics of primates for the Treehugger.com website, they didn’t have to look far to unearth the species with the biggest mouths! Belize howler monkeys aren’t gossips but their name is their claim to fame: They have one of the loudest calls of any land mammal and their unsettling roars can be heard from a distance of three miles away….

    5 Best Ways To Spend Summer in Placencia Belize

    5 Best Ways To Spend Summer in Placencia Belize

    Where are northerners flocking this summer? The Placencia peninsula. If you keep up with travel trends, you already know that a visit to this elegant beach destination is destined to be a memorable, relaxing and idyllic one thanks to cool breezes and seasonal deals. What won’t you encounter? Crowds. Placencia is the perfect place to spend your summer holiday but if you want to be…

    best beach resort in placencia belize

    The Best Beach Resort in Belize with an Excellent Bang-for-Your-Buck

    When it comes to inventing pithy slogans to appeal to the general public, the U.S. generally takes the prize. Consider the phrase “more bang for your buck.” It didn’t originate on a used car lot nor during a negotiation at an antique store. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Charles Erwin Wilson coined the phrase in 1954 when he attempted to explain President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s…

    5 ways to find beach bliss in Placencia Belize

    5 Ways To Find Beach Bliss in Placencia Belize

    Have you heard about the “Beach Bliss” syndrome that’s taking a Covid-weary world by surprise? It’s not a malady to be feared; it’s a state of mind that takes hold the moment vacation-starved travelers hit the beach. Symptoms? Complete relaxation. A heady sense of spiritual peace. A level of happiness and joy that can’t be experienced elsewhere and it’s yours simply by traveling a few…

    vaccinated travelers can now visit belize

    Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Can Now Visit Belize

    Do you chat with others about news, kids and vacations past while waiting at the airport gate? These days, those aren’t the only topics of conversation. Plenty also include the question: “Did you get the Moderna, Pfizer or J&J vaccine?” Another hot topic is destinations and you may already have heard that Belize has become the trendiest vacation spot in Central America because the country…

    Explore Placencia On Your Belize Honeymoon-featured

    Explore Placencia Belize on Your Honeymoon

    Today’s honeymooners have different ideas about what newly married couples prefer to do on honeymoons, but they all share a common desire to put plenty of distance between themselves, their jobs, and clocks! They’re in a hurry to get away, which is why Belize has become the honeymoon answer for couples seeking an exotic destination that won’t take long to reach. Belize certainly meets that…

    placencia belize

    Is Placencia Belize Worth Visiting?

    There’s lots to love about Placencia Belize that isn’t found elsewhere. It’s fast becoming a mecca for foodies, the peninsula’s history is fascinating and dates back to the 17th Century, weather is idyllic year round, visitors and residents marvel at the topography that stretches along 16 miles of placid coastline and it’s the destination you want to choose if you’re a connoisseur of beaches. Travel…

    Belize Easter holidays

    Belize, Beaches and Bunnies Make Easter More Fun in 2021!

    It’s hard to believe that Easter is on the horizon, but there’s never been a year that called for a bigger celebration. The holiday was all but cancelled last year so pulling out all stops in 2021 is probably the best idea you’ve come up with of late. We have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny intends to vacation on Placencia peninsula in…

    Negative Covid Results Are Your Ticket to a Belize Vacation

    Negative Covid Results Are Your Ticket to a Belize Vacation!

    As the world begins to sigh a collective breath of relief now that Covid vaccinations are being administered by the millions every day, wouldn’t it be great if a resort located at a sunny tropical destination reformatted its business model to cater to travelers who are still too skittish to seriously consider vacationing? Fact is, there’s already a luxury resort in sunny Belize that offers…