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  • A Guide to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

    Forget Zoos: Visit Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Instead

    It’s easy to understand why questions are being asked about the wisdom of importing animals to zoos after being captured in the wild—especially since opportunities to see wildlife over time were mostly found on pages of National Geographic magazines! New approaches to zoo design benefit wildlife as some of these facilities expand space and create habitats designed to emulating species-specific environments. What’s changed since zoos…

    Family Reunion Trip to Belize

    If Ever There Was a Time for a Caribbean Family Reunion, It’s Now!

    …especially if the destination you choose is Belize, the only Central American nation where English is the primary language. Members of your family are likely starved for in-person get-togethers with the people they love and if you’ve appointed yourself (or been drafted!) as the coordinator of this getaway, make the job as easy as possible by picking a resort offering family members a barefoot-luxury stay….

    Placencia Lobsterfest

    Calling All Lobster Fans: Lobsterfest is Coming. Will You Be There?

    Nobody is keeping track of the number of tourists who purposefully flock to Belize every July to don a lobster bib, watch normal adults dress up in lobster costumes and devoting a portion of their visit to worshipping the crustacean considered the king of seafood. The liveliest celebrations will be found on the Placencia Peninsula this year, between July 14th and July 16th. You needn’t…

    Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival

    The 2023 Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival

    How important are arts and music festivals? Georgia Southern University Masters candidate Kimberly F. Rudolph wrote her honors thesis on the topic. Art festivals, she discovered, are more than excuses to shop. They’re unifying, too! According to Rudolph’s research, art and music festivals are community-building events that bring like-minded people together, so even if our politics and opinions are diverse, when we share entertainment experiences,…

    Why Belize is Great For Families in 2023

    Best Travel Advice Ever: Take Your Family to Belize in 2023

    What do families look for when they consider taking their children abroad? We turned to experts at the Travel Channel for real-world advice offered by parents with youngsters of all ages. Some of the advice these moms and dads suggest may help you rethink your game plan if you’re planning an overseas family adventure. Did you know that frequent family travelers always find a way…

    Best Snorkeling in Placencia Belize

    Where to Find the Best Snorkeling in Belize? Placencia Of Course

    If you believe that the sport of snorkeling wasn’t “invented” until recently, you’re in for a surprise. The idea took root around 350 BC when philosopher Aristotle observed an elephant submerged in water that used its trunk to breathe. It’s a fanciful supposition and one that can’t be proven, but evidence exists that rudimentary helmets attached to reed tubes were common in the 15th century,…

    Belize Maya Chocolate Tour

    You and Your Kids Will Love This Belize Maya Chocolate Tour

    It takes very patient parents to include their youngsters on overseas vacations, but since kids tend to behave best when they’re totally engaged in experiences that delight their curiosity, rewards are plentiful. Further, it’s no secret that kids and candy have had a long-standing relationship, so offer your background on candy-making to pique their interest about the Belize family vacation you’ve been discussing. According to…

    Belize Adventure Vacations

    Best Adventure Vacation of the Year. You’ll Want Photos!

    The year may have just begun, but for those who know that the secret to having the best adventure vacation ever is planning, planning, planning, start now to sort out a super 2023 getaway. If you track trends, you know that there’s been a recent resurgence of SLR camera popularity, say editors at the New York Times. Perhaps the time has come to dig out…

    Belize Adventure Tours

    Captivated by Tours? This Belize Resort Delivers

    Some people love to do absolutely nothing on vacation beyond adopting a beach chair or hammock. Their counterparts wouldn’t dream of traveling abroad without availing themselves of tours. If you’ve yet to be convinced about the value of tours, consider these 6 reasons take as many as time allows: 1. Everything about tours are organized, from transport to guides. 2. You’ll meet fascinating people. Traveling…

    Belize Ecotourism

    7 Benefits of a Belize Ecotourism Experience

    Where to start your Belize journey? On the Placencia peninsula, where ocean and lagoon coasts offer a true education in marine ecology. In terms of location, visitors couldn’t find a more eco-friendly place to stay than Laru Beya Resort where you can count on these 7 ecotourism benefits. 1. Sojourn at a location dedicated to the preservation of a vast array of life forms. From…