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  • Belize Father's Day Trip

    Give Dad the Father’s Day Getaway He’ll Never Forget

    Because today’s offspring tend to have a more sentimental attachment to Mother’s Day, it can be easy to let that third Sunday in June slip by with a last-minute card, but your dad deserves more, writes Catherine Boeckmann for The Farmer’s Almanac. While first recognized by Richard Nixon’s administration, the tale behind the origins of Father’s Day is much more intriguing.  While the declaration of…

    Belize adventure holidays

    Are You Up for Some Belize Adventures During the Holidays?

    Scientists are fascinated with the reasons people love adventure vacations and some of the best results of their research are encapsulated by Candice Gaukel Andrews writing for the Good Nature Travel Blog. You could be taken aback when you read some of the perks her research unearthed about the benefits of adventure travel: 1. Getting dusty and dirty on adventures strengthens the immune system. 2….

    Award Winning Belize Resort

    Breaking News: Laru Beya Resort Wins Travelers Choice Award

    How does it feel to stay at a resort that has been designated among the top 10% of listings on the highly-trusted TripAdvisor website? Awesome, say the 1,100 travelers who have taken the time to give Laru Beya Resort, a premium sanctuary along Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, glowing reviews!  But don’t take our word for the resort that has generated this many high ratings; check out…

    Placencia Belize Activities

    Experience the Magic of Placencia in 4 Fun-Packed Days

    “If I only have four days off, I’m not spending two of those in the air,” said one travel study participant when asked the question: Exactly how long should a trip be for that stress to be “worth it”? Scientists at the Academy of Finland discovered that between three and six days away is ideal. Choose a destination that doesn’t come with an exhausting flight…

    4-day Belize itinerary

    How to Spend a 4-Day Vacation in Belize This Summer

    One of the most talked about new trends is the 4-day work week that’s becoming commonplace in the U.S. Four-day work weeks are also creating a new vacation niche for people with shorter work weeks. This emerging trend has spurred Laru Beya Resort on Belize’s Placencia peninsula to promote a 4-day getaway that is equally beneficial because short, intermittent getaways accomplish so many goals: Go…

    Placencia Belize Travel Information

    Expert Placencia Belize Travel Advice You’ll Want to Read!

    To whom do you turn for travel advice? Uncle Richard who fancies himself a global traveler and offers advice before you ask for it? Perhaps you count on the Internet to ferret out tips on specific destinations that you’re interested in exploring. Some people are so fascinated by other cultures and societies, they keep scrapbooks of clippings from travel magazines, pining over text and images…

    All-Inclusive Belize Resorts

    Does Belize Have All Inclusive Resorts?

    All-inclusive resorts are not just hot; they’re sizzling. You’ll find them throughout Central America but there’s only one place you can go to find a resort where everyone speaks English: Belize. Thanks to its former status as a UK colony, English remains the nation’s first language. But which all-inclusive resort has your name written all over it? Laru Beya Resort, a premier property that offers…

    belize summer vacations

    Plan a Summer Getaway Where History Meets Beauty on the Placencia Peninsula

    If you have yet to hear about Belize’s current hot spot, this is your opportunity to learn more. The Placencia peninsula is a 16-mile-long finger of land that has an intriguing history. We’re not sure how long it took them to make the pilgrimage from Nova Scotia Canada to Placencia shores back in the 17th century, but Puritans only stuck around until wars of independence…

    Belize adventure tours

    Make Your Wildest Adventures Come True in Placencia Belize

    Eleanor Tweddell’s credentials are impressive. Her career as a life coach, mentor, writer, podcaster, communications consultant, and author are stellar, but she considers her most important role is that of “wild adventure promoter.” After realizing that most people are so afraid of their wildest dreams, they ignore them, she decided to help clients vanquish their fears. Have you been ignoring your desire for a wild…

    getting to Placencia Belize

    Vacationing on Belize’s Placencia Peninsula? Here’s How to Get There

    For U.S. primary school students, lessons about the midnight ride of Paul Revere are mandatory. Teachers still use the phrase “One, if by land, and two, if by sea,” to teach kids about the secret signal given by Revere to alert patriots about the route British troops were taking. His warning helped win the American Revolutionary War. In Belize, where Brits held dominion from 1783…