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  • Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday Deals Await at Belize’s Elegant Laru Beya Resort

    People in today’s polarized society don’t agree on much, but on the topic of “best day of the week,” Friday wins by a landslide writes Sarah Lipoff for the PopSugar website. The reasons are obvious. The weekend is starting. Employees often get paid on Friday. Casual Fridays are popular and everybody “is a bit more chill,” adds Lipoff. For veteran shoppers, the third Friday in…

    Belize adventure holidays

    Are You Up for Some Belize Adventures During the Holidays?

    Scientists are fascinated with the reasons people love adventure vacations and some of the best results of their research are encapsulated by Candice Gaukel Andrews writing for the Good Nature Travel Blog. You could be taken aback when you read some of the perks her research unearthed about the benefits of adventure travel: 1. Getting dusty and dirty on adventures strengthens the immune system. 2….

    Belize Honeymoon Packages

    How to Plan an Effortless Honeymoon in Belize

    Having come out of a two-year Covid pandemic coma, you and your honey are putting wedding details on the front burner and this advice is guaranteed to make your nuptials even better: It’s smart to put as much detail into planning your honeymoon as you do on the cake, the flowers, and reception! Ask yourself this question: what’s more important than a chance to launch…

    belize group travel

    Considering Group Travel? No Destination Surpasses Belize!

    In addition to being great fun, there are surprising benefits associated with a friend’s trip — a few of which aren’t obvious, but you’ll find them insightful. Suggest Belize and you’re likely to get buy-in from your entire posse. What’s it like to vacation with friends in Belize? Consider rave reviews from a delighted visitor who invited her nearest and dearest to accompany her to…

    Where to Go in December

    Where to Go in December: The Best Place to Travel

    North American society was greatly impacted by Covid-19 – perhaps more so than other nations because consumerism drives U.S. culture. But something amazing happened to people who weren’t very generous: Not only did the pandemic make North Americans more grateful, but that gratitude was reflected in an increase in holiday gift spending in 2020 – an increase likely to escalate in 2021. Not lost among…

    Belize with Kids

    An Epic 5-Day Itinerary for Belize with Kids

    Savvy parents know that kids love spending time in nature and that they are curious about other cultures, and a family vacation in Belize offers plenty of both. The following itinerary, courtesy of Placencia’s Laru Beya Resort, is ideal for kids and parents who love adventures! Day 1: CRUISE Monkey River For kids who can’t get enough wildlife sightings, iguanas, crocodiles, and tropical birds are…

    Save on Belize Accommodations this fall

    How To Save On Belize Accommodations This Fall

    For avid travelers who feel as comfortable sitting in a Budapest cafe as they do trekking through Belize jungles, nothing’s more exciting than price savings. According to a recent New York Times article, the travel industry is offering deals travelers couldn’t ignore if they tried. In fact, savvy travelers know things won’t get lower so they’re booking trips at a dizzying rate, reason enough for…

    October in Belize

    Best Destination for October Getaways? Belize, of Course!

    If you’re charmed by Halloween, love wearing a clever costume, but your winter coat covers all your creative work, perhaps you should pack it and head for Belize where even “bare-bones” get-ups are welcome and the weather is warm, so no coats will hide your handiwork. No need to wear anything underneath. October weather is warm. Bring the summer clothing you haven’t had time to…

    Placencia Belize Outdoors Adventure

    The Ultimate Bucket List For Anyone In Placencia Who Loves The Outdoors

    If images of camping amid gorgeous landscapes send a thrill down your spine – and if you swear anything cooked outdoors on a grill tastes better than dishes prepared on a stove – perhaps it’s time you took your passion for the great outdoors to a new location where fulfilling your bucket list is a breeze. How about a Belize outdoors adventure? This list gets…

    Belize and October Vacations

    September & October Belize Vacations are Affordable

    If you consider yourself a frugal person, good for you, writes blogger Chris Muller. Folks who make fun of your miserly ways are likely to stop laughing when autumn rolls around because you can afford that Belize vacation while the closest they can get are the pages on a travel magazine! Why is being frugal a fabulous trait to possess? Because folks in this category…