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  • Belize Father's Day activities

    Whether you call him Papa, Daddy, Father, Baba, or an equally endearing title, your Dad most likely deserves rewards for being there when you need him most. As a toddler, he helped steer your first bike. As a pre-teen, he probably gave you lame advice about the opposite sex, and once you reached adulthood, you came to realize that whether you need a short-term loan or someone to babysit the grands, he’s in your corner 24/7.

    If you’ve already tapped the standard present list and given him all of the mugs, books, subscriptions, and trendy gifts du jour he could ever use, perhaps you’re now able to repay his love with a weightier gift that shows your devotion. Consider the gift of a Belize holiday where Dad, Granddad, or the father of your kids can do anything he pleases on his big day. Time is growing short, but act now, and a Caribbean getaway could turn out to be the best Father’s Day present he’s ever received!

    Who gets to go on this Father’s Day adventure?

    celebrate Father's Day Belize

    That depends on you and your budget. If you’re giving this gift to yourself, Laru Beya Resort located on the Placencia Peninsula offers roomy single accommodations that are ideal for a relaxing solo stay, while couples and families making this sentimental journey have their choice of spacious rooms and suites, and by booking immediately, you may have more choices.

    Save a bundle by selecting the Belize All Inclusive Package, which takes care of lodgings, meals, local alcoholic beverages, and onsite amenities. Once you’ve chosen this money-saving vacation package, you will have saved enough to add adventures that will please the dad, so if you’re feeling particularly generous, add jungle, marine or fishing tours to his itinerary to make this getaway especially exciting and meaningful!

    Thrifty dads will appreciate this escape most of all

    When it comes to generosity, the dad in your life has likely made plenty of sacrifices on your behalf by doing what was necessary to figure out creative family budgeting, so if you take advantage of Laru Beya’s current special offer that brings the tab on a vacation down on an all inclusive stay that lasts at least three days, you’ll show him that he taught you well! Specific conditions must be met to grab this deal, and booking immediately is a must.

    Want to let your siblings or other folks who owe a lot to that one special man join you for this fun escape? You can do that if larger accommodations are available when you book by calling Laru Beya’s toll-free number: 1-800-329-2528. Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, but you’re clever enough to make this happen, so give the man who always believed in you the gift of fun, relaxation and memory-making that he’ll never forget while there’s still time to make this happen!

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