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    A Belize all inclusive vacation has the power to add years to your life

    Admit it: the last time you declared “Enough!” and decided to relax and recharge was so long ago, you can’t put your finger on the year, much less the exact date. It happens. You are fully caught up in a life that can make you wish you were an octopus with the ability to use each tentacle to take care of items on your “must-do” list.

    You can keep on juggling. Or you can realize that a life lived in the fast lane won’t make you any happier if you reach burn-out stage, so take the word of Dr. Barton Goldsmith whose mission is getting his clients to slow down and relax so life doesn’t pass them by.

    Can you shut the door at home and keep the world at bay? You’ve got to be kidding—especially with your electronic devices in close proximity. You need to get away. Now. And you need a place to escape that’s close, affordable and where everyone speaks English. You need Belize.

    Where to get your relaxation fix

    Laru Beya Resort staff and management pride themselves on having designed not one but four Belize all inclusive packages guaranteed to delight visitors seeking a variety of experiences. Opt for the Just Chillin’ package and you’ll swear you just won the lottery. This rest and relaxation experience includes a one-bedroom oceanfront suite, daily meals, local alcoholic beverages and free use of the resort’s water sports gear.

    If your only desire is relaxing in the ocean or the resort’s affinity pool, you’ll be just a few steps away from both. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the award-winning Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar will require you to make decisions, but those are limited to menu selections and which cocktails strike your fancy. Even transit worries are handled: the resort’s shuttle bus gets you to and from the local airstrip.

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    Spa? What spa? Laru Beya has a better idea

    Have you ever wondered how it would feel to live like a celebrity where vacations consist of daily spa services? Wonder no more. Get the royal treatment courtesy of Laru Beyu masseuses. Interrupt your down time by making you queue at a spa? Not at this resort.

    Professional masseuses ask where you would like to have your Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, body scrubs, and facials. Your choices are 1) within the privacy of your suite, 2) on your private balcony or 3) on the resort’s beach. The first two are the most relaxing, sensuous choices you can make for any number of reasons.

    The human body isn’t “designed to go 24/7/365,” insists Dr. Goldsmith, who tells his clients that, “If you keep going at full speed every day, it can be really hard on you, both physically and mentally.”

    Statistics reinforce his research, so if you’d like to add years to your life, a long weekend at Laru Beya has the power to restore and re-energize you. In fact, you may not believe how many guests book a long weekend and ask to stay longer as their departure dates approach!

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