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  • Placencia Belize Scuba Diving

    How does it feel to sink beneath the surface of the water protected by the latest in scuba diving equipment and eager to see what everyone talks about when they describe this life-affirming experience? In a word: amazing. And once divers learn about the history that “buoys” this sport, they’re even more impressed.

    In 500 BC, the world’s first breath-holding techniques were demonstrated for the King of Persia. The original diving bell design dates back to 1530. And by 1825, Englishman William James introduced the world to the “First workable, full-time SCUBA,” say scientists tracing the evolution of diving on the Marine website.

    Advances in scuba gear engineering and design came fast and furiously over time as just about every society’s military branches sought to develop gear that would allow armed forces to advance their objectives. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the public was let in on this amazing activity and the rest, as they say, is history!

    Not just for the Cousteaus of the world

    According to Dr. Nina Smith, all underwater sports come with risk, but she’s proven that with good training and the help of experienced cohorts, “The least risk for diving accidents is in those experienced divers…participating in only non-technical dives [who] are reasonably fit with no serious health problems.”

    If that describes you, consider a vacation in the Caribbean that gives you access to the Belize Barrier Reef, one of the great natural wonders of the world and the second longest reef on the planet. Stay at Laru Beya Resort in Placencia and the reef couldn’t be more advantageously located.

    In fact, scuba diving can be immensely therapeutic. After a near-fatal car accident, Jacques Cousteau used the sea for physical therapy and literally set a course for his life’s work. Of course, your only goal is likely rest and relaxation, but if you are on the mend, borrow a page from the great divers playbook.

    Belize Diving in Placencia

    What to expect from your Belize scuba holiday

    First, you get a choice of 3 packages that take you to specific Caribbean scuba diving hot spots that include a Glover’s Reef Atoll experience, the Belize Blue Hole Dive and/or a Whale Shark Dive. Pick the one that calls to you or try more than one. Laru Beya staff is happy to customize your experience and provide skilled staff for any type of scuba experience you crave, including local dives, not included in resort packages if you’re not quite ready for the big ones.

    Your lodgings will be as gorgeous as the sites you see underwater because each villa is exquisitely furnished for the ultimate in relaxation and comes with every amenity under the sun. Each package is all inclusive, so your accommodations, gourmet meals, and even unlimited local beverages are taken care of.

    Come by yourself. Bring a friend. Or treat the entire family to an unforgettable diving experience. One peek at the underworld universe that exists in close proximity to the barrier reef will convince you that you’ve found diving heaven here on earth.

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