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Explore the Lost World of the Maya in Belize

Long before the great civilizations of Rome and Greece, the ancient Maya in Central America created their own unique writing system, developed complex calendars based on precise astronomical observations, and erected majestic cities all across their empire that stretched from what is now Mexico down to El Salvador. The modern-day country of Belize sat in the heartland of that empire, and the country is now…


Happy Pan American Day (Columbus Day)

Also known as Columbus Day, Pan American Day is a national and bank holiday celebrated on October 12 every year. In Belize, it is a celebration of the migrations of the Mestizos and indigenous cultural groups from the region into Belize to create a melting pot of cultures. The holiday also commemorates the voyage taken by Christopher Columbus about 500 years ago in the New…

The 2013 Chocolate Festival of Belize

Chocolate lovers have an even sweeter excuse to discover Belize, as the annual “Chocolate Festival of Belize” provides 3-days of indulgence starting May 24 – 26, 2013!  With rooted Maya history in cacao production, this anticipated event captures the traditional and modern chocolate making procedures, fun activities, chocolate inspired dishes and beverages, along with great cultural entertainment! Toledo District, the chocolate mecca of Belize, offers a…

The Belize Jade Head and Maya Sun God

At right – Kinich Ahau – The Maya Sun God. Ever since its discovery, the jade head has been the subject of much controversy among Belizeans. For years most of us have believed that, shortly after its discovery, this unique Maya masterpiece was spirited out of the country and never returned to its rightful home.