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  • All-Inclusive Belize Resorts

    All-inclusive resorts are not just hot; they’re sizzling. You’ll find them throughout Central America but there’s only one place you can go to find a resort where everyone speaks English: Belize. Thanks to its former status as a UK colony, English remains the nation’s first language.

    But which all-inclusive resort has your name written all over it? Laru Beya Resort, a premier property that offers guests the most bang for their buck. It’s located on the trendy Placencia Peninsula, a languid finger of land that’s surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and a tranquil lagoon that’s home to manatees.

    Why stay at Laru Beya? Here are 6 great reasons!

    1. You’re guaranteed a stress-free experience. Reserve an all-inclusive package and all of your needs and wants are covered. The staff has been trained in old-school personal service, and you’ll sojourn in a safe area that’s a tourism mecca.
    2. There are no mysteries or surprises awaiting you since you know upfront what your Laru Beya package and add-ons will cost to cover meals, digs, and activities.
    3. Meals are prepared to high culinary standards. Your accommodations are spacious. No need to go to a spa since professionals come to your lodging to deliver massages, facials, scrubs, and more.
    4. Load your itinerary with activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, treks to ancient Maya temples, and other adventures if you choose the Best of Belize Adventure Add-on that covers an array of experiences.
    5. Getting bored at Laru Beya isn’t possible. Design your stay to meet your interests and count on experienced tour guides chosen for their skills to oversee your adventures. These well-informed guides will amaze you with their knowledge, though you don’t have to leave Laru Beya grounds to treat yourself to amazing amenities.
    6. You’ll save even more money if you qualify for a current special that can be piggybacked onto Laru Beya’s All Inclusive Package.

    Top Belize All-Inclusive Resorts
    Does Laru Beya set the standard for all-inclusive Belize resorts?

    We must admit that the answer is no—because this property exceeds standards set by competitors on the Placencia Peninsula and elsewhere on the Caribbean Coast! But keep this in mind: This haven is a favorite of summer travelers so if you don’t act promptly, you could discover that the entire resort is fully booked on the exact dates you want to travel.

    There’s even a price match guarantee just in case you consider another Belize resort that doesn’t give guests as many perks as does Laru Beya Resort. Yes, there are plenty of all-inclusive Belize resorts from which to choose, but since you deserve the best of them, why would you sojourn elsewhere?

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