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Ziplining & Cave Tubing


Belize Caving & Zipline Tours

Soar through the jungle treetops, float down the refreshing rivers and waterfalls of Belize or explore the famous underworld with our Belize Caving and Ziplining tours. When you want to do it all, stay at a Belize resort that recognizes your wishes and delivers on them, too.

You’ve discovered in Belize the ultimate vacation spot, but time is limited and your appetite for excitement is enormous. You need a game plan that starts with a booking at Laru Beya Resort where tours are designed with you in mind.

From zip-lining over rainforest canopies to plunging the depths of the underworld, Laru Beya has created a tour menu that delivers on thrills. Can’t decide if you want to go high or low? Do both. The Mayan Canopy Jungle Zipline and choice of either the Waterfall Swim or River Tubing Tour can be included with select Laru Beya Belize Adventure Add-On. Looking to visit what National Geographic named #1 Sacred Cave in the World? No problem, simply add the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Caving Tour to your stay*. Kindly note, all tubing and caving tours are contingent upon water level.

Jungle Zipline & Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing & River Exploration

Jungle Zipline & Waterfall Swim

Actun Tunichil Muknal Caving

The Canopy Jungle Zipline option guarantees the thrill of a lifetime as you rocket from one platform to the next, soaring 80-feet into the sky. After conquering all 8 platforms, congratulate yourself on this milestone.

Having had your fill of heights, decide between the River Tubing or Waterfall Swim Tours. Both are relaxing, satisfying and safe. During the river tubing you’ll float effortlessly down a languid river system to the sounds of tropical birds, monkey calls and other exotic creatures who are just as curious as you are.

On the topic of spirits, you may feel them during an Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour, too. As National Geographic’s pick for #1 Sacred Cave in the World, this underground wonder, also called Cave of the Crystal Sepulcher, is located 3 miles beneath the earth and was the place Maya priests performed secret rituals.

Once you reach the cave floor, behold artwork, clay pottery, ceremonial artifacts and tools left behind – but those treasures don’t hold a candle to “The Crystal Maiden,” remains of a teenage girl reposing on this spot for so many centuries, her entire body is covered in naturally-occurring cave minerals that sparkle in the darkness.

Seeing the Crystal Maiden alone is worth the drive to ATM and hike through the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve to reach her! *This tour is NOT included in our packages or add-ons, but can be booked separately.

Placencia Belize Resort“The ATM cave tour is an experience our family will never forget!”
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