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  • Placencia Belize Lobster Fest 2024

    When you’re out to impress someone, what’s on the menu when you treat them to a meal? If you’re like most of us, a generous helping of “surf and turf,” a decadent combo of steak and lobster, says a lot about how much you respect your dinner guest.

    Ironically, neither steak nor lobster has always been considered the ultimate entree. According to the Book of Genesis, “eating animals was not God’s intention.” Lobster was deemed such an inferior food in 1622, that Governor William Bradford apologized to guests that this seafood, usually consumed only by the lower class, was the only meal he could afford to serve.

    Fast forward hundreds of years and you would be hard-pressed to find a more high-class combination, though steak is usually affordable to everyone. Lobster has the classiest reputation and you’ll find plenty of it at Placencia’s 2024 Belize Lobsterfest. Folks make reservations at hotels far in advance so they’ve got a place to stay while consuming their fill! If that sounds like heaven, book a stay at Laru Beya Resort while there are still digs available that haven’t been booked.

    You don’t have a minute to lose, lobster lover!

    The annual Placencia Lobsterfest is fast approaching. This celebration of abundance and fine dining will be held in just a matter of weeks, between July 5th and 7th, and since Laru Beya is amid all the action, you’ll have a metaphorical front-row seat to all the festivities.

    While you’re eating your fill of this tasty crustacean on Placencia’s municipal pier and beach, you’ll be treated to entertainment that is non-stop, including kids’ games, kayak racing, games, activities, and the event that is likely to convince even non-lobster lovers to come down: a Belikin beer drinking contest.

    When you need a break from indulging your palate, Laru Baya onsite amenities to the rescue. Try your hand at kayaking, take refreshing dips in the infinity pool, log some serious beach time, or borrow resort bicycles or a Hobie cat sailboat to work off some of that lobster so you’re ready for the following day’s meals. If you’d like to get around this 16-mile-long peninsula with ease, a rental golf cart is the ultimate convenience.

    Make your stay a breeze…

    …by grabbing a Belize all inclusive package so you’re free as a bird during this fabulous festival because your accommodations, meals, unlimited local bar beverages and even local transport are among the perks that are included within this one-price advantage.

    Eager to learn more? Visit this Laru Beya web page, and pay particular attention to the footnote that reassures you, “We may have availability, even if the booking page shows no availability.” There’s at least one lobster waiting for you with your name on it—probably many of them—so get moving. This is one affordable lobster adventure you won’t want to miss!

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