Belize Placencia Peninsula Beaches

On Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, Beaches Are Always The Star Attractions

When journalist Rebecca Norris was asked by the online travel website Veranda to research the world’s most beautiful beaches, the destinations she cited included Portugal, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Tahiti, and French Polynesia, each of which requires long plane rides, adjusting to multiple time zones, and plenty of patience. Instead of spending so much time getting to and from her beach suggestions, why not take…

Placencia Belize Guide

Traveling to Placencia Belize for the First Time: A Newcomer’s Guide

Close your eyes and bring back the feelings you experienced when you booked your first trip abroad. You were likely excited, anticipatory, and a bit nervous, but in no time, you were enchanted. If Placencia Belize just made your wish list, expect an equally fabulous trip—especially if you follow these tips. Dig up your passport- You have met renewal deadlines, right? You won’t need a…

placencia belize

Is Placencia Belize Worth Visiting?

There’s lots to love about Placencia Belize that isn’t found elsewhere. It’s fast becoming a mecca for foodies, the peninsula’s history is fascinating and dates back to the 17th Century, weather is idyllic year round, visitors and residents marvel at the topography that stretches along 16 miles of placid coastline and it’s the destination you want to choose if you’re a connoisseur of beaches. Travel…

best area to stay in placencia

Best Area to Stay in The Placencia Peninsula: a Quick and Easy Breakdown

If you’ve ever traveled around Florida, you realized that no two cities are alike. Miami Beach’s glitz is nothing like Orlando where the Disney complex sets the area’s tone. Towns situated in the panhandle offer southern charm usually found in Alabama.  This phenomenon is not unique to the U.S. Find astonishing diversity on peninsulas in Malaysia, Iceland, and Italy, but who wants to spend endless…

Belize Spring Break Honeymoon

Make Your Belize Spring Break Honeymoon a Romantic Escape

After what was likely an exhausting search, you and your soon-to-be spouse check out the Belize honeymoon scene after reading reviews from newlyweds that sound idyllic. Your next step is choosing from resorts after learning that the Placencia Peninsula is the nation’s hottest spot for adventurous couples. Having found Laru Beya Resort, and seeing how many perks and advantages this property offers, your decision was…

Belize Adventure Vacations

Best Adventure Vacation of the Year. You’ll Want Photos!

The year may have just begun, but for those who know that the secret to having the best adventure vacation ever is planning, planning, planning, start now to sort out a super 2024 getaway. If you track trends, you know that there’s been a recent resurgence of SLR camera popularity, say editors at the New York Times. Perhaps the time has come to dig out…

Belize Familymoons

Belize Familymoons Are the Next Best Thing For Parents Who Recently Got Married

In the not-too-distant past, all U.S. entertainment magazine editors had to do to pump up readership was to feature actress Elizabeth Taylor on the cover. The public was obsessed with her seven marriages during an era in which two marriages bordered on scandalous behavior. Attitudes have changed at warp speed since then. In 2015, a Washington Post headline declared: “Millions of Americans have been married three…

Black Friday Offers in Placencia Belize

Black Friday Offers at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort? They’re Part of History!

Scholars at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech University delved into a topic that few academic institutions have attempted: The origins of the term “going viral.” Their discovery, that going viral has been around for more than 120 years, came about as the result of access to databases covering more than 10 million newspaper pages. The first example? Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan’s 1896 Democratic National Convention speech….

Laru Beya- Where Reviews Inspire Unforgettable Belize Vacations

Vacation Where Reviews are So Heartfelt, Why Stay Elsewhere?

Mom probably warned you about the downside of bragging, but it’s human nature to share successes, good fortune, and blessings. Further, there are times when bragging is helpful, as evidenced by reviews written by guests at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort. Read a few and you’ll understand why guests felt impelled to rave about this tropical haven. They ran out of exclamation points! One couple apologized…

A Guide to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Forget Zoos: Visit Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Instead

It’s easy to understand why questions are being asked about the wisdom of importing animals to zoos after being captured in the wild—especially since opportunities to see wildlife over time were mostly found on pages of National Geographic magazines! New approaches to zoo design benefit wildlife as some of these facilities expand space and create habitats designed to emulating species-specific environments. What’s changed since zoos…