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  • Placencia Belize Travel Information

    To whom do you turn for travel advice? Uncle Richard who fancies himself a global traveler and offers advice before you ask for it? Perhaps you count on the Internet to ferret out tips on specific destinations that you’re interested in exploring.

    Some people are so fascinated by other cultures and societies, they keep scrapbooks of clippings from travel magazines, pining over text and images in preparation for “getting there some day!”

    It’s natural to turn to experts, whether you’re planning to vacation at a location you’ve already visited or one that’s brand new because travel trends move like meteors in today’s world.

    Placencia Belize Travel Tips

    We can’t promise you on-time flights or an absence of turbulence at 37,000 feet, but we can assure you of the vacation of your dreams if Placencia Belize is your destination for a summer, fall or winter holiday. Toward that end, we offer advice that you can take to the bank!

    • Come any time you like. Belize is a year-round destination. Check with packing experts to see what to bring for the season you’ll visit and you can’t go wrong.
    • Target Belize’s hottest destination to get the greatest number of benefits from your holiday. Find out why the Travel Channel calls Placencia, “the most popular sea and sand getaway in the country.” You’ll agree.
    • Placencia is mecca to folks who can’t get enough beach time, but the longest stretch of beach on the mainland is host to other delights. Explore three exotic villages on the peninsula when you’re not running your toes through the sand.
    • Stay where you play. Sojourning in the middle of the action can double the pleasure you enjoy. Located amid the peninsula’s 16-mile-long finger of land, Laru Beya Resort gives you access to two shores (ocean and lagoon) plus points of interest that take minutes to reach.
    • Do what you please. The endless list of aquatic, jungle-focused and cultural activities from which to choose during a Placencia stay is mind-boggling, and resort guests have access to everything on Laru Beya’s Belize tour menu.
    • Give your wallet a vacation. It’s as deserving of a rest as you are given escalating cost of goods and services. A Laru Beya Belize All Inclusive Package includes lodgings, meals, unlimited beverages, and all taxes and fees. Who doesn’t want to save money?
    • You don’t have to take tours to stay active because there’s lots to do on premises. Swim in the freshwater pool. Order in-room spa treatments. Borrow a kayak or bicycle to explore the peninsula. Pilot a catamaran. Can’t choose? Take our advice and try everything!
    • Take advantage of seasonal discounts. Having determined that Laru Beya is the ideal Caribbean destination, our last bit of advice could be your favorite: Avail yourself of seasonal specials when they’re available. Claim your discount and you won’t need more travel advice since one stay at Laru Beya is all it takes to qualify you as an expert on the topic of the best resort on the Placencia peninsula!

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