Belize Spring Break Honeymoon

Make Your Belize Spring Break Honeymoon a Romantic Escape

After what was likely an exhausting search, you and your soon-to-be spouse check out the Belize honeymoon scene after reading reviews from newlyweds that sound idyllic. Your next step is choosing from resorts after learning that the Placencia Peninsula is the nation’s hottest spot for adventurous couples. Having found Laru Beya Resort, and seeing how many perks and advantages this property offers, your decision was…

Laru Beya is Placencia Belize’s Top Resort

Laru Beya is Placencia Belize’s Top Resort, Say Tripadvisor Travelers

Word of mouth has been buzzing about Placencia, Belize, and its wonderful resorts. After reading stellar reviews from guests on Tripadvisor, travelers have been narrowing down their destination choices to this beautiful location. Laru Beya Resort is a locally owned and managed resort in Belize that is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its guests. The resort puts a great deal of…

Belize Familymoons

Belize Familymoons Are the Next Best Thing For Parents Who Recently Got Married

In the not-too-distant past, all U.S. entertainment magazine editors had to do to pump up readership was to feature actress Elizabeth Taylor on the cover. The public was obsessed with her seven marriages during an era in which two marriages bordered on scandalous behavior. Attitudes have changed at warp speed since then. In 2015, a Washington Post headline declared: “Millions of Americans have been married three…

Belize Spring Break Guide

Spring Break 2023: It’s Better (For Everyone!) in Belize

Once upon a time, spring break made parents of college-age kids crazy because these school sabbaticals earned reputations for being endless parties inviting risky behaviors by unleashed collegiates. It’s not hard to understand why students wanted to break free after a semester of hard work in classrooms, labs, and during exam times. Over time, spring break grew to be such wild occasions, average travelers grew…

Belize Slow Travel

Slow Down, Eager Traveler! Discover the Magic of Slow Travel in Belize

According to an article published in The Harvard Crimson, Americans rush around too much, said University of Berlin Professor Adolph Goldschmidt. “They never bother to rest and reflect,” he added. “They want to see how many miles they can make in a day.” His words were delivered at a 1930 lecture, yet little changed about American travel habits over time – until Carlo Petrini, protesting…

A Guide to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Forget Zoos: Visit Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Instead

It’s easy to understand why questions are being asked about the wisdom of importing animals to zoos after being captured in the wild—especially since opportunities to see wildlife over time were mostly found on pages of National Geographic magazines! New approaches to zoo design benefit wildlife as some of these facilities expand space and create habitats designed to emulating species-specific environments. What’s changed since zoos…

Placencia Lobsterfest

Calling All Lobster Fans: Lobsterfest is Coming. Will You Be There?

Nobody is keeping track of the number of tourists who purposefully flock to Belize every July to don a lobster bib, watch normal adults dress up in lobster costumes and devoting a portion of their visit to worshipping the crustacean considered the king of seafood. The liveliest celebrations will be found on the Placencia Peninsula this year, between July 14th and July 16th. You needn’t…

Why Belize is Great For Families in 2023

Best Travel Advice Ever: Take Your Family to Belize in 2023

What do families look for when they consider taking their children abroad? We turned to experts at the Travel Channel for real-world advice offered by parents with youngsters of all ages. Some of the advice these moms and dads suggest may help you rethink your game plan if you’re planning an overseas family adventure. Did you know that frequent family travelers always find a way…

Belize Maya Chocolate Tour

You and Your Kids Will Love This Belize Maya Chocolate Tour

It takes very patient parents to include their youngsters on overseas vacations, but since kids tend to behave best when they’re totally engaged in experiences that delight their curiosity, rewards are plentiful. Further, it’s no secret that kids and candy have had a long-standing relationship, so offer your background on candy-making to pique their interest about the Belize family vacation you’ve been discussing. According to…

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Think you need a getaway? Your kids may need one more! Everything about their lives was transformed during COVID and trying to deal with sequestration, home learning and an absence of in-person relationships impacted just about every child on the planet. Further, we don’t have to convince you of the merits of family trips, right? Think of them as an investment instead of an expenditure….