Belize's Laru Beya Given 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award

Belize’s Laru Beya Given 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award!

What would it take to convince you of the merits of a resort if all of the accolades you read came from professional reviewers and critics? No need to respond. We know what you would say. Your best choice of accommodations and the other perks resorts offer should come from the reviews of folks who actually stayed there and were so enthused about their experiences,…

thanksgiving getaways

Yes, You Can Relax This Thanksgiving: Spend the Holiday in Belize

More and more Americans spend Thanksgiving in Belize with every passing year. You want to be one of them, right? Every nation has traditional holiday practices. The French celebrate Bastille day to give thanks for their freedom. September 21st in Belize may be Independence Day, but a thankful nation turns the day into a month-long celebration. People in the U.S. devote an entire day to…

Best Destination To Go in December is Belize

Belize: Your Best Vacation Bet in December

The Caribbean in December? Of course, you can afford to go! When published a list of the 10 best cheap places to travel in December, plenty of readers stood up and took notice. Second place on the list was Belize, an affordable destination in the Caribbean during high season that doesn’t ask travelers to empty their pockets for an opportunity to escape to a…


Laru Beya Wins TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Award (Again!)

Laru Beya Awarded Honors in TripAdvisor 2019 Hall of Fame When “Forbes” magazine editors asked the question, “Do awards really matter to businesses?” they were delighted to discover that awards not only matter but give clients and customers a solid reason to choose one business over another. This fact was not lost on staff at Laru Beya Resort in Belize where an uptick in bookings…


Fall in Love All Over Again at Laru Beya in Placencia Belize

Family therapists Sally and John Connolly know a thing or two about the benefits of leaving familiar surroundings behind and taking romantic vacations to keep their relationship healthy and happy. In fact, Sally likes to quote Dr. John Gottman, the University of Washington researcher, whose focus is on relationships: “It is easy to find things to like [about each other] while on a vacation,” even…

A Short and Sweet Overview of Placencia Belize

The villagers enjoy the easy life as much as visitors – as you’ll find out during Lobster-Fest, celebrated over a fun-filled weekend in late June, shortly after the opening of the lobster season. You could also try to visit during the Sidewalk Arts Festival, held around Valentine’s Day, when you can meet some of the artists and musicians of Belize’s vibrant arts scene.