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    There’s lots to love about Placencia Belize that isn’t found elsewhere. It’s fast becoming a mecca for foodies, the peninsula’s history is fascinating and dates back to the 17th Century, weather is idyllic year round, visitors and residents marvel at the topography that stretches along 16 miles of placid coastline and it’s the destination you want to choose if you’re a connoisseur of beaches. Travel editors can’t stop raving about them!

    Placencia Belize is metaphorically cut off from the mainland and it’s known as “the island you can walk to.” This tranquil, peaceful, relatively untouched haven offers access to Belize’s most popular recreational activities: fishing, boating, kayaking, scuba diving and observing summer’s annual ritual of snorkeling with whale sharks. Visit the lagoon side and you could spot gentle manatee along that coast.

    Where to stay if everything about Placencia Belize sounds like heaven? Laru Beya Resort. This award-winning property has so much to recommend it; taking advantage of those sporting adventures could prove to be secondary when you learn about the resort’s amenities. Oceanview or oceanfront lodgings decorated with hand-crafted furnishings and art are available in sizes that suit everyone from solo travelers to folks seeking a 3-bedroom suite to house a family or group.

    Home to the Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar and Spa, foodies and folks needing massages and personal services flock to the resort – especially individuals looking to unwind after a year filled with challenges and the need for personal rebalancing. Guests can relish in tranquility, assured that the resort is dedicated to their well-being, creating a seamless and carefree escape. This dedication to the comfort and safety of visitors means that everyone can indulge in the serene and inviting atmosphere of their getaway, effortlessly setting aside any worries.

    Is Placencia Belize Worth Visiting

    Belize vacation packages available at Laru Beya cover everything vacationers seek (lodgings, meals, amenities and more) at a single price. Knowing that you won’t have to make a decision more complicated than whether to lie on the beach or beside the pool, your getaway could prove to be a money saver if you take advantage of specials that extend through 2024 and beyond.

    Experiencing Placencia Belize for yourself will explain why this finger of land is fast become the place to go in Belize for a tropical holiday that restores the souls of every visitor lucky enough to see this unspoiled paradise before the rest of the world finds out about it. Claim your choice of Laru Beya Belize vacation packages right now – before this small, luxury property fills up on the dates you most want to book!

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