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    If you’ve ever traveled around Florida, you realized that no two cities are alike. Miami Beach’s glitz is nothing like Orlando where the Disney complex sets the area’s tone. Towns situated in the panhandle offer southern charm usually found in Alabama. 

    This phenomenon is not unique to the U.S. Find astonishing diversity on peninsulas in Malaysia, Iceland, and Italy, but who wants to spend endless amounts of time and money getting to peninsulas where second language skills are required? Wouldn’t you prefer a short plane ride to reach a nearby peninsula that is so diverse, every community has a unique personality? That’s what you’ll find in Belize!

    Welcome to Belize’s Current #1 destination

    The Placencia peninsula is currently the favorite of travel writers and tourists. It’s the quintessential Caribbean destination offering visitors two coasts: the ocean side and the lagoon side. Just one mile separates the two. Further, the isthmus is only 16 miles long, so traveling around is a breeze, especially by golf cart or bike. You’ll be delighted by the differences in these four villages, one of which is likely to capture your heart. 

    1. Riverside Village

    This delightful fishing village on the northern coast of the Placencia peninsula is low key, rural, and the ideal place to hunker down, relax and seek solitude. Whether you’re a celebrity seeking a respite from crowds, or just crave tranquility, it’s guaranteed here. 

    2. Maya Beach Village

    Maya Beach Village is located in-between Riverside Village and Seine Bight. It’s ideal for folks who love solitude but not extreme amounts of it! The last census taken reported just 225 year-round residents. This village may be home to a small population, but commercial enterprises—hotels, resorts, and homes—abound. 

    3. Seine Bight Village

    Located just two miles away from Maya Beach Village, find a cultural mecca courtesy of Seine Bight’s 1000 residents, most of whom are members of the Garifuna community. As the nation’s first home to Garifuna, it’s awash in culture, entertainment, and fun. Visitors are inspired by the gracious, welcoming townspeople.

    4. Placencia Village 

    Placencia Village is the epicenter of the peninsula. It’s the place you’ll prefer if you like a laid-back vibe plus lots of eateries, attractions, shops, pubs, and lush tree-lined beaches. Also a Garifuna hub, this village is filled with charming residents—-all 750 of them!

    placencia belize best area to stay

    To visit all four, staying at a nearby resort is the wisest move you can make. Laru Beya Resort offers onsite amenities galore plus money-saving, Belize all inclusive packages, and specials that are wallet-pleasing.

    Best of all, you’re near every one of these towns, so getting a true taste of Belize is as easy as grabbing a free bike or renting a golf cart. You can’t put a price on convenience and Laru Beya puts you in the center of everything. Stay where you play to maximize your stay!


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