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    An April 29th edition of the Axios newsletter included a statistic that’s hard to believe, but it came from a study conducted by the Center for American Progress. It seems the “average household wealth for those under 40 in the U.S. is up 49% from its pre-pandemic level,” writes Emily Peck. Millennials (ages 27-43) haven’t seen this much growth since 1989 when the Federal Reserve began tracking wealth by age group.

    What are these youthful strivers doing with their money? They’re getting out of debt. Amassing more liquid assets. In some cases, they’re paying off their student loans, thanks in part to moratoriums. They’re also looking for adventure as group travel trends rise dramatically. If you’re among this universe, “Think S.C.A.R.F.,” posts travel writer Wendy Eaton who cites these benefits of group travel:

    • Stress-free planning
    • Cost-saving advantages
    • Access to group activities is not ideal for singles
    • Renewal and recharging opportunities as a group
    • Friends sharing tasks that take the work out of trip planning.

    How important is the right destination for your group’s escape?

    Belize Group Vacation

    Extremely so, thus by choosing Belize’s Laru Beya Resort as your destination, you and your pals can expect lots of value for your buck. This easy-to-reach haven is situated along the Caribbean coast and staffers are adroit at accommodating groups who appreciate having a spacious villa all to themselves plus the adventures millennials seek while vacationing.

    Take a peek at this roomy, 3-bedroom accommodation that sleeps eight and you’ll begin to envision your group using it as a base for every one of the adventures you care to take. This spacious villa includes the comforts you expect from a welcoming resort, like air conditioning, private balconies, a fully-equipped kitchen, cable TV, and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Onsite amenities like the private beach, freshwater infinity swimming pool, water sports gear, bicycles, and rental golf carts are yours for the asking.

    The shoppers in your group will want to explore Placencia Village, and weekly scheduled tours and Add-Ons offer a splendid array of opportunities to fine-tune an itinerary, so everyone gets their say on which activities they most want to try.

    Savings your group will applaud

    By opting for an All Inclusive Package, every detail of your group escape is covered so everyone can ease into vacation mode fast, knowing that digs, meals, and unlimited local bar beverages are covered. The onsite spa caters to guests who crave relaxing massages as well as those who overdo it after trying every adventure on the resort menu!

    Perhaps the best news of all is that you may be able to negotiate a deal that reduces your customized group rate even more if there’s availability, especially during the low season when your chances of booking a villa are higher. Having undertaken the research on behalf of your group, you’re sure to get buy-in from everyone, so when your posse declares you a hero, don’t contradict them!

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