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  • The Best Winter Beach Vacations For Sun Seekers

    Do you take the sun for granted? There’s a reason winter vacations in the sun are so popular. You have fun, relax and the gifts you give your body are priceless.

    As days grow short and winter looms on the horizon, do you work hard to ignore signs that your body wants to hibernate? Of course it does; you’re entering a season that leaves the body starved for sun.

    People who don’t get proper sun exposure can wind up with weakened bones and muscles, foot deformities, skin problems, depression, cognitive impairment, weight gain and even risk developing cancer.

    Alarmed? You should be. But there’s a remedy for all of these ailments and it costs much less than therapy sessions, medical treatments and the toll these ills take on your mind and body. How about a winter beach vacation that gives your system a huge boost of the natural vitamin D you can’t find in a bottle of supplements?

    It’s just what the doctor ordered

    Realizing that a lack of sun has the potential to impact health, savvy U.S. and Canada vacationers are scheduling winter vacations that are not only fun and stress-relieving but therapeutic, too. Where to grab your place in the sun? According to travel trends, only one destination meets the criteria busy travelers seek in a winter getaway: Placencia, Belize.

    This 16-mile-long peninsula is home to Laru Beya Resort, an award-winning property that offers so many opportunities to grab the sun, you might think Maya sun gods who roamed the area thousands of years ago are still hanging around.

    Winner of a 2023 Travelers Choice Award conferred by TripAdvisor, even the resort’s restaurant is located outside, so guests needn’t worry about missing their quota of rays.

    Spa services are also available beneath the Belize sun. Choose the balcony attached to your suite or the beach as the place where those treatments are delivered. If you’ve never had an outdoor massage before, you’re in for a treat.

    Winter Beach Vacations For Sun SeekersYour vacation; have it your way

    Whether visitors require the huge family suite or one-bedroom haven with a view of the ocean, individual pricing at Laru Beya includes all the sun you crave at no extra charge.

    If you want adventure, add regularly scheduled tours to your à la carte reservation. They’re scheduled every weekday and include visiting Maya ruins, a spice farm, island hopping, snorkeling, diving, zip lining, river tubing, jungle, rainforest, and waterfall trekking.

    Get a better deal by booking a money-saving Belize all inclusive package that covers your lodgings, meals, incidentals, local transport, and extras based on availability.

    Your ability to spend nonstop time in the sun over the winter months offers one more perk: You start the new year off on a healthy, happy note. The sun awaits. Pack your sunscreen. You’re going to need it!

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