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  • Summer vacation in Belize

    Laura Jean’s passion for travel and blogging about her adventures is so strong, she once wrote an homage to her travels, including this unabashed confession: “I recently made a bold declaration to the universe. I want to travel the world and write love letters, poems and short stories about the places that captivate my heart. You see, I fall in love with places. Maybe you do too.”

    If you’re among the folks who feel this way, you know that learning about the people, food, languages, and sites that distinguish one destination from another is part of the process, and if you’re seeking a tropical haven that has captured hearts around the world—and that’s closer than Tahiti, Fiji, and other exotic destinations—it’s easy to fall love with Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, especially during the summer.

    Charm and excitement that will steal your heart

     placencia belize weather

    Why are travelers with endless choices choosing the Placencia Peninsula? Because everything they seek (and lots of things they didn’t know about) is found within this 16-mile-long piece of land. It’s easy to navigate and offers two diverse coastlines, the Caribbean Sea and the placid Placencia lagoon. Only a mile separates the two, so this is a beach lovers paradise.

    Find your own slice of heaven by anchoring your Placencia Peninsula visit to a base that will also capture your heart: Laru Beya Resort. You’ll love the All Inclusive Package designed with guests in mind by staffers who love nothing more than making sure every stay is idyllic. Daily tours and package Add-Ons win hearts as well.

    Wandering the peninsula is a treat!

    It can be hard to leave the premises when you’re a Laru Beya guest because there are so many things to do and experience, but you won’t want to miss exploring the heart of this region. Whether you borrow a complimentary resort bicycle or rent a golf cart, visiting Placencia Village, Seine Bight, and Maya Beach will solidify your relationship with the welcoming people of Belize.

    Stroll quaint shops, galleries, and food stalls; especially The Tipsy Strip, Placencia Village’s hub of activity. Take a chocolate cooking class, sample the gelato at Tuttifruiti Gelateria and shop for handmade treasures guaranteed to remind you of your new favorite place to visit. The Town of Seine Bight introduces you to the world of the Garifuna people where Punta rock, strong rums, and Sam’s Disco never disappoint, and Maya Beach’s pubs and eateries should be on your itinerary, too.

    It doesn’t take much to fall in love, adds Laura Jean. “Each place [we visit] is almost like a chapter of our lives. Each place becomes a part of us.” By headquartering at Laru Beya Resort, all the wonder and fun Belize has to offer is at your fingertips, as is a current Laru Beya Resort travel deal that you won’t want to ignore. And spread the love by sharing your plans with folks who could use a little more love when they travel, too.

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