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  • New Years in Belize

    New Year’s Eve (NYE) is meant to be celebrated, not tolerated! Escape the north and find in Placencia Belize  an NYE party that’s far from the ordinary.

    Are you sick and tired of getting all dressed up for New Year’s Eve only to have your finery obliterated by coats and boots because you’re ringing in 2020 in a place where temperatures are likely to be frigid?

    Instead of putting yourself through this less-than-optimal experience, think about how it would feel to dress for the tropics, go barefoot on a beach and usher in the New Year feeling warm breezes caress your skin. Dare we add this additional incentive? Come to Laru Beya Beach Resort in Placencia Belize where you’ll even get a price break!

    Never heard of Placencia?

    If the only location in Belize you’re familiar with is Ambergris Caye, consider this a post-Christmas gift from the folks at Laru Beya who are eager to tell the world about their unique property located along the coastline of the Caribbean Sea.

    This area was once the dominion of Maya civilizations, but over time, a melting pot of settlers that include African slaves, North Americans and Europeans came to call this area home. By the 17th Century, immigrants from Nova Scotia and the island of Providencia provided more diversity. Until the nation gained its independence just three decades ago, it was a British colony.

    Fast forward a couple of centuries, by which time Belize had morphed into a small, unique, Central American destination distinguished by its small size, abundant resources and picturesque coastline. Placencia has retained its reputation as a sleepy fishing village that’s morphing into a trendy destination. Travelers come here for a refreshing mix of excitement and tranquility.

    New Years in Placencia Belize

    Laru Beya on New Year’s Eve: It’s where you want to be!

    Because Laru Beya is one of the most elegant and popular resorts on the peninsula, guests know that they’ll have a delightful experience year-round and an unforgettable time of it at year’s end. Travelers arriving in time for the big night can stay as busy as they wish, without leaving the premises.

    Hang out on the sugar-white beach, swim around the the freshwater infinity pool, borrow water sport gear (e.g. kayaks; Hobie Cat sailboats), ride bicycles, play mini-golf and splurge on on-site spa services.

    The resort restaurant and bar are so popular, townies frequent both. On December 31st, this already-lush resort turns into a magical place made more exciting by the discount guests receive if they opt for the 10% off package rates they receive if they reserve before all of the rooms have been booked for that big night.

    Laru Beya New Year’s Eve perks include an official clock countdown to midnight, delicious buffet, glass of sparkling wine and fireworks! Think of this as the extra Christmas present that keeps on giving, but if you don’t unwrap it soon, you’d better get that winter coat ready to keep you warm when 2020 debuts in your neck of the woods.


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