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  • Placencia Belize Beaches

    When Nature, the official magazine of the non-profit Nature Conservancy, sent writers and photographers to Belize to check out an initiative to bring the nation’s total amount of protected lands to nearly 40%, the result of their trip was impressive.

    The magazine devoted nine pages to the feature story, treating readers to gorgeous photography and notable details about efforts to protect and ensure The Belize Maya Rainforest would be around for generations to come. This massive project is especially noteworthy because it paints an accurate picture of the nation’s diversity and sends a clear message: Belize is more than beautiful beaches.

    That stated some of Belize’s beaches are more spectacular than others and for tourists who love the idea of lying about on the best of the best, the Placencia peninsula, like the Maya rainforest, is a world unto itself. It’s navigable (just 16 miles long) and diverse, offering visitors a choice of coasts.

    One faces the Caribbean Sea. The other faces the Placencia Lagoon. Both receive rave reviews from travel writers, naturalists, and frequent guests! For some, Placencia is paradise, and the quintessential destination for folks to want to have it all without going to the ends of the Earth to enjoy lots of diversity.

    Known for beaches. Celebrated for everything under the sun

    placencia belize travel

    Having a finite amount of territory to navigate during a Caribbean vacation is a blessing. You save time. Energy. And experience more of the area’s cultural treasures than you would on one of those “See 4 cities in one day!” tours. Within the Placencia peninsula, you’re in close proximity to:

    • Nim Li Punit or Lubabtuum, both extraordinary ancient Maya ruins.
    • Chocolate-making classes that are fun and yummy.
    • The Placencia Municipal Pier and the Maya King Waterfall.
    • Art galleries like Art n Soul and Lola’s.
    • Outings like the Monkey River Tour and Laughing Bird Caye.
    • Awesome food, including gelato at the Tuttifruitti Gelateria.
    • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (the planet’s lone jaguar sanctuary).
    • Mayflower Bocawina National Park. The list is endless!

    Yes, you can have it all

    Everything about your ability to get to these fabulous destinations depends upon being centrally located at a resort where you are guaranteed a fabulous itinerary. Consider Laru Beya Resort your home-away-from-home – only you don’t have to look after yourself during your stay because the staff will do it for you!

    Everything listed above and so much more is included on the resort’s Belize tour menu, and every aquatic sport known to man can be explored, especially if that’s the main reason you chose Belize. Onsite amenities are bountiful and you won’t want to say no to in-room spa services.

    What’s the ideal way to get a maximum number of benefits? Select a Belize all-inclusive package that covers lodgings, delicious meals, unlimited local alcoholic drinks, round-trip transport from the Belize International Airport, and select excursions.

    When friends ask, “How were the beaches?”, show them “the other side of Belize” by sharing photos from your adventures on the peninsula. They could be as surprised as you were to discover that Belize is so much more than picturesque beaches!

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