vaccinated travelers can now visit belize

Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Can Now Visit Belize

Do you chat with others about news, kids and vacations past while waiting at the airport gate? These days, those aren’t the only topics of conversation. Plenty also include the question: “Did you get the Moderna, Pfizer or J&J vaccine?” Another hot topic is destinations and you may already have heard that Belize has become the trendiest vacation spot in Central America because the country…

Best All Inclusive Resort Deals Find them in Placencia Belize

Best All Inclusive Resort Deals? Find them in Placencia, Belize

Is anything worse than returning from a bliss-filled vacation to find invoices in your mailbox detailing expenses incurred while you were relaxing? Nothing ruins a holiday more. For this reason and more, travelers are choosing all inclusive resorts. Here are a few reasons why: You know in advance what your vacation will cost and you can budget for it. You’re more likely to add to…

belize all inclusive

4 Compelling Reasons to Book an All Inclusive Stay in Belize Right Now

Not every Central American nation has been as devoted to visitor health, welfare, and safety as Belize, where tourism authorities and the government partnered to put into place unprecedented Covid-19 practices and protocols. Having conceived a list of Gold Standard practices that resorts had to implement before welcoming guests, few earned this certification faster than Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula. Laru Beya…

re booking your belize vacation

What To Know About Re-booking Your Belize Vacation

Consider Re-Booking Your Belize Vacation at Laru Beya You’ve been through a nightmare during the last eight months — Covid scare; sequestering; your life turned upside down. Now, you’re ready for a getaway. But you’re concerned about your health and wonder about airline flights. Here’s good news: you can relax and consider re-booking your Belize vacation at Laru Beya Resort on the beautiful Placencia peninsula….

Placencia Belize Itinerary

The Perfect 4 Day Itinerary For Placencia Belize

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Need a break to right your emotional ship but you’ve only got a few days? If ever there was a time to make Belize travel plans, this is it. Jonathan Alpert did his homework before writing an article for Inc. magazine that extols the virtues of short vacations over long ones. “Take short and frequent trips rather than long vacations to get away…

All Inclusive Vacations in Placencia Belize

The Best All Inclusive Vacations in Placencia Belize

Trade stress for extreme relaxation and pressure for pleasure during your all inclusive Belize vacation. Today’s traveler is a special breed. Stressed by the pace of the world and eager for any respite that provides a relaxing lull within all of this turmoil, it’s no wonder all inclusive vacations have become the ultimate in trendy travel, and Belize resorts are fast-becoming epicenters of this carefree…

Why Settle For One Belize Resort When You Can Stay at Two

Why Settle For One Belize Resort When You Can Stay at Two?

Experience the Best of Belize Whether you consider yourself thrifty or you rarely think about cost when you see something you want, you’re going to agree that staying at two luxury Belize resorts after buying a single plane ticket is a deal you want to know about. This package comes to you courtesy of Belize hoteliers eager to give visitors a double dose of heaven…

belize wildlife adventures

Belize Wildlife Adventures: Where You and the Kids Are Invited to Go Wild!

It’s sad but true: Today’s child is exposed to so much media and stimulation, getting them to sit down with a book has become mission impossible. How does a parent compete with Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and Marvel superheroes? By taking youngsters on a short plane ride to Belize where thrills come at the rate of 10 a day. No parent complains that they’ve gotten no…