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  • Best Place To Stay In Placencia Belize

    Laru Beya Resort, located on Belize’s fashionable Placencia peninsula, receives no shortage of compliments from people who come, go, and return, but when it comes to waxing poetic about a stay at the resort, staff couldn’t recall getting love letters…

    …until one guest (we’ll call her Jenna), returned home from an 8-day stay that left her so enraptured, she felt compelled to gush about her holiday in a letter! Can we share details of the time she spent at Laru Beya? She said yes. So, here are the highlights of her stay. You may wish to imagine yourself at the resort while reading her words!

    The highlights of Jenna’s sojourn

    • She was delighted to be lodged in digs by the pool just steps from the beautifully groomed beach and seashore.
    • Jenna rented a golf cart to visit nearby villages to shop and sample music and art. When she needed more exercise, she borrowed a bicycle from Laru Beya’s inventory.
    • An avid Bingo player, Jenna was thrilled when the resort concierge told her about a local bingo center welcoming resort guests. Oh, and she won a round, too.
    • Jenna was overwhelmed by the personal service she received from staff members. “No request was too extreme or troublesome,” she wrote in her homage to staff friendliness.
    • She got a tattoo. She’s still deciding how to break the news to friends she once told, “I’d never get a tattoo!”
    • Laru Beya’s  Belize tour menu exceeded her expectations. She encountered squid, jellyfish, nurse sharks, and stingrays on excursions, concluding, “I’m braver than I thought!”
    • Jenna decided that since she had gotten that tattoo, she’d give ziplining over a jungle canopy a go. She also swam in a waterfall pool and has selfies to prove it.
    • She didn’t want to go home. At least that’s how she ended her love letter to Laru Beya staff that included a string of hand-drawn hearts to convey her gratitude.

    Where To Stay in Placencia Belize

    You don’t have to do everything Jenna did. You can do more!

    Did Jenna have to pay extra for her eight-day stay given the variety of things she did and experienced? Nope. Having booked a Belize all inclusive package, she stayed within her budget, and the freedom she enjoyed as a result of not having to make decisions was, to quote her, “A blessing.”

    Further, she took advantage of a special deal available when she booked her package and now she’s spreading the word to friends that Laru Beya’s current deals are equally generous. What experience did Jenna love most? In-room spa services. She said it was the first time since she was a little girl that she felt like a princess.

    You don’t have to send staff a love letter if you sojourn at Laru Beya Resort, but you might be so inclined. Tattoos are, of course, your call. If you decide to get one, we promise not to tell anyone about it—unless you insist.

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