Belize Valentine's Day Getaways

Belize Valentine’s Day Getaways You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Do love and romance expire like “must use” dates on products found on grocery store shelves? Hardly, say scientists investigating the topic of love at any age. Sara Davidson, writing for, writes about how actress Ellen Burstyn’s mom “Met the love of her life” at age 84. “He’s a younger man,” her mom confided. “How young?” Ellen asked. “I think he’s 80,” her Mom…

The 7 Best Day Trips From Placencia Belize

The 7 Best Day Trips From Placencia Belize

If God can create the world in 7 days, it stands to reason that you can create an amazing 7-day itinerary that feels like heaven when you vacation in Belize, a nation guaranteed to remind you of Eden as you explore the nation’s magnificent jungles, gardens and rain forests. And while there are more than two of each animal species roaming the nation known for…

where to stay in placencia belize

Where Should I Stay In Placencia Belize In 2021?

If you’ve visited Belize travel websites that have nothing to say about Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, you’re reading fake news! This hot spot for serious visitors with a hunger for fun in the sun, close proximity to the nation’s natural and entertainment treasures, and the location of the country’s most often saluted beaches, Placencia has become a mecca now that Covid vaccines have begun to be administered…

All Inclusive Vacations in Placencia Belize

The Best All Inclusive Vacations in Placencia Belize

Trade stress for extreme relaxation and pressure for pleasure during your all inclusive Belize vacation. Today’s traveler is a special breed. Stressed by the pace of the world and eager for any respite that provides a relaxing lull within all of this turmoil, it’s no wonder all inclusive vacations have become the ultimate in trendy travel, and Belize resorts are fast-becoming epicenters of this carefree…

Placencia Peninsula: The Best Area In Belize To Vacation

Where Is The Best Area In Belize To Vacation?

  Placencia Peninsula: The Best Area In Belize To Vacation If you’ve been put off by stories that Belize hot spots Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker have become too crowded and hectic, there’s a gorgeous area of Belize that’s getting lots of attention from travelers who want to enjoy both tranquility and excitement: the Placencia peninsula. This finger of land’s history goes back to the…

Map of Placencia Village

Today we would like to show you a map of Placencia Village. Our Placencia resort is located near the airstrip – maybe like five to ten minutes away. As you can see we are very close to Placencia Village, South Water Caye and other natural attractions. What do you think of this Placencia Map?

Six Interesting Facts About Placencia Belize

Located in the Caribbean Coast of Stann Creek District, Placencia is one of the most popular travel destination in Belize. Below are six interesting facts about Placencia. 1.) In the 17th Century, Placencia was settled by the English Puritans who were originally from Nova Scotia and latterly from the island of Providencia. This settlement died out during the Central American wars of independence in the…

Laru Beya Vacation Reviews

Laru Beya Resort and Villas are absolutely perfect for a couples getaway or family fun!!! We attended a wedding in May 7, 2011 on the beach! My husband and I can not wait to go back. The rooms are very comfortable and decorated perfectly.