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    Be honest: Could you use a major dose of beach therapy, but your doctor can’t prescribe it? Don’t fret. You can always self-diagnose your need for a Caribbean getaway because you likely know that no medication made by the pharma industry could possibly substitute for this kind of therapy.

    What happens from the moment we dip our toes into the sand? Our mood changes and we relax. While this occurs, all sorts of major changes begin to take place that include your body absorbing lots of Vitamin D as you gaze out at ocean waves that do their own magic by soothing and calming you.

    How to reach that state of bliss in the very near future? Head for Belize where the beaches are lush, tranquil, and—in the case of the Placencia Peninsula—a hub for tourists that’s becoming world-famous. This lovely cape may only be 16 miles long, but visitors delight in accessing two coastal beaches. The Caribbean side is invigorating. The lagoon side is placid. They’re both sublime.

    Belize. Beaches. Bliss. Does it get any better?

    Belize Travel Vacation

    You’ll need an equally relaxing place to stay and Belize’s Laru Beya Resort can’t be matched. Located on the Caribbean side of the peninsula, this idyllic property is the recipient of 2023 Travelers’ Choice honors, and the resort’s All Inclusive Package brims with extras that turn an average vacation into a luxurious one.

    Need to treat your mind and body to a few adventures during your Laru Beya sojourn? Consider adding the Best of Belize Add-On that works nicely with all of the beach time you’ve promised to accrue, and no worries about pushing your limits too far on these tours: A variety of spa services, in the hands of trained masseuses, can be delivered within the privacy of your suite or on your balcony.

    Would you like to add budget-busting to the list of benefits you enjoy?

    Learn more about Laru Beya’s current “Tax Refund to Beach Bliss” special that’s only being offered for a very brief time, but it could put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to savings. Meet specific restrictions associated with this deal and you could qualify for an $80 per night reduction on your vacation tab if you book immediately for a sojourn between now and May 29, 2024.

    Linger 8+ nights and you’re looking at a price break that could total $640—more than enough to cover your airline tickets. Didn’t expect to find a bliss-filled getaway that’s also kind to your budget? Don’t be surprised. At Laru Beya Resort, everything about your stay will benefit you in limitless ways, and all you need to do to get the ball rolling is visit the property’s contact page. Then, leave the rest to the resort’s friendly crew whose mission to help you achieve the ultimate state of bliss never disappoints!

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