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    More and more Americans spend Thanksgiving in Belize with every passing year. You want to be one of them, right?

    Every nation has traditional holiday practices. The French celebrate Bastille day to give thanks for their freedom. September 21st in Belize may be Independence Day, but a thankful nation turns the day into a month-long celebration.

    People in the U.S. devote an entire day to feeling thankful, but many have no clue that famous patriots disliked the idea of Thanksgiving. President Thomas Jefferson thought that making it a national holiday was a “ridiculous proposition.” President Zachary Taylor agreed. He simply refused to issue Thanksgiving Day proclamations in protest.

    Your reasons for wanting to take a pass on Thanksgiving and proceed directly to Christmas may be borne of the amount of work it takes to prepare the holiday meal and get the house ready for guests. But more and more Americans are re-defining this holiday so they enjoy every minute of it rather than dreading it: Instead of slaving over hot stoves for days, they’re grabbing swimsuits and heading for Belize.

    Having declared that you’ll give thanks your own way this year, consider Placencia, Belize the optimal place to bring your family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The weather is idyllic, shoulder season rates remain in effect throughout the month of November and it takes longer to roast a family-size turkey than it does to get to Belize from your North America home.

    belize thanksgiving vacations all inclusive

    You can start your own Thanksgiving tradition by staying at Laru Beya Resort where nobody will ask you to slice a turkey, wash a dish or put up with Cousin Bruce who talks nonstop at every family get-together. Instead, imagine your clan in a gorgeous 3-bedroom family suite; a tropical haven that sleeps 8, so everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving together and make unforgettable memories.

    Let’s say that you’re so intrigued by the thought of spending Thanksgiving overlooking the Caribbean Sea that your imagination has kicked into overdrive, but your wallet is advising you that a luxury resort is out of the question. Not a problem. Book an all inclusive package that comes with every amenity imaginable at a single price that offers every luxury you can think of. Feast your eyes on these Belize all inclusive packages.

    Each package includes everything you need to wind down and relax, including meals, accommodations and extras. Alternately, extend your vacation time by availing yourself of Laru Beya’s “book an all inclusive package and get 1 free night” deal, giving you a free night for every 5 you stay. Come for an entire week and receive a complimentary upgrade.

    Beat northerners to the beaches and you will have an opportunity to discover the true spirit of giving thanks. Having time to appreciate all that has been given to you throughout your life may be the greatest gift you receive during the prelude to this holiday season. And who wouldn’t prefer to give thanks while lying in a hammock rather than loading a dishwasher? Redefine Thanksgiving. Your family will love you for it!

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