Placencia Belize Outdoors Adventure

The Ultimate Bucket List For Anyone In Placencia Who Loves The Outdoors

If images of camping amid gorgeous landscapes send a thrill down your spine – and if you swear anything cooked outdoors on a grill tastes better than dishes prepared on a stove – perhaps it’s time you took your passion for the great outdoors to a new location where fulfilling your bucket list is a breeze. How about a Belize outdoors adventure? This list gets…

Placencia Beaches in Belize This Fall

Indulge in the Placencia Beach Scene This Fall

If you’ve been preparing for a visit to Belize, you may have run into what we like to call “The battle of the beaches”! This nation has so many delightful ones that competition is stiff. For repeat visitors who have favorites, prepare for an earful of information that explains exactly why one beach is better than another. Do enough research before making a decision and…

All Inclusive Placencia Belize Vacations

How To Find The Best All Inclusive Vacation & Resort in Placencia Belize

If you’ve ever discussed travel proclivities with others, it probably took less than 10 minutes to see how diverse expectations are, even among people you know well. Some grew up taking family holidays and they stick to those traditions. Others are all about finding new places, people, and experiences. In fact, everyone develops a travel style that is unique. By answering these questions, you can…

Belize Fall Vacations

Need Reasons for a Fall or Winter Belize Vacation? How About These?

If you’re a frequent visitor, you already know that there is no “bad season” to vacation in Belize. Come down in the summer and you’ll be rewarded with small crowds, money-saving deals, and no queues at attractions. Given today’s weather reports, the weather in Belize could feel downright comfy compared to temperatures in your area. Spring in Belize marks an end to Central America’s “dry…


Mayan Ruins Near Placencia Belize – 6 Ruins & Caves To Explore

If you are a cave or archaeology enthusiast and you are staying in Placencia Village and do not want to leave the Peninsula, then you must explore as many ruins as possible on full-day tours. Of course, you could type “Mayan ruins near me” in search or just read the blog below to find out about six Mayan ruins near Placencia, Belize, several of which…

Planning the Perfect Group Vacation in Belize

How to Make Your Group’s Belize Vacation “A Perfect 10”!

When was the first time you heard someone describe a performance as a “perfect 10”? It’s the ultimate compliment for skating and gymnastics competitors, and those who recall classic films are likely to remember 10 as the criteria British actor Dudley Moore used to describe the woman of his dream in the movie, “10.” Did you know that 10 is an ideal number of people…

Placencia Belize Scuba Diving

Placencia: Belize’s Scuba Diving Paradise

How does it feel to sink beneath the surface of the water protected by the latest in scuba diving equipment and eager to see what everyone talks about when they describe this life-affirming experience? In a word: amazing. And once divers learn about the history that “buoys” this sport, they’re even more impressed. In 500 BC, the world’s first breath-holding techniques were demonstrated for the…


Top Tourist Attractions in Placencia Belize

Located in Southern Belize, the peninsula of Placencia has some of the country’s most beautiful and spectacular beaches and these together with a vast array of inexpensive and comfortable accommodations make it an ideal vacation destination. Placencia Village is also a perfect base to explore many of the top attractions in southern Belize. Below we have compiled the best tours you must do while vacationing in Placencia:

Belize Father's Day Trip

Give Dad the Father’s Day Getaway He’ll Never Forget

Because today’s offspring tend to have a more sentimental attachment to Mother’s Day, it can be easy to let that third Sunday in June slip by with a last-minute card, but your dad deserves more, writes Catherine Boeckmann for The Farmer’s Almanac. While first recognized by Richard Nixon’s administration, the tale behind the origins of Father’s Day is much more intriguing.  While the declaration of…

Award Winning Belize Resort

Breaking News: Laru Beya Resort Wins Travelers Choice Award

How does it feel to stay at a resort that has been designated among the top 10% of listings on the highly-trusted TripAdvisor website? Awesome, say the 1,100 travelers who have taken the time to give Laru Beya Resort, a premium sanctuary along Belize’s Placencia Peninsula, glowing reviews!  But don’t take our word for the resort that has generated this many high ratings; check out…