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    If you’re so wild about primates, you rarely check out bears, giraffes, and big cats when visiting zoos, there’s a biological reason for the attraction: Apes are so much like us, we identify with some of their characteristics. Whether you’re enthralled with chimps, orangutans, gorillas, or other species members, you’ll notice that their mannerisms are identical to ours, and like people, they maintain intense relationships while exhibiting sophisticated social behaviors.

    Even kids understand how close bonds are between primate family members, which is why the media has gone out of its way to give youngsters inside looks at behaviors that are so close to that of humans, even skeptics see the bond. Watch this Canadian Broadcast kid’s program about apes and you’ll likely identify squabbles you’ve seen around your house:

    Zoos are great. Jungles are better

    If you’ve had plenty of time to devote to primate watching during zoo visits, you are going to find Eden when you get the chance to see these entertaining critters in the wild, and only Belize offers you close travel proximity, English-speaking folks, and indigenous monkeys guaranteed to amaze and delight. Belize is home to a loquacious population of Howler Monkeys, noisy apes that are so entertaining, that some visitors frequent Belize just to see and interact with them.

    If you’ve never encountered a Howler Monkey, you’re in for a treat. This is “one of the few primate species with different coat colors in males and females,” said Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute scientists, but their most distinguishing biological feature is the “conversations” they carry on. They are so loud, that you can hear them 3 miles away, so when a family engages in jungle talk, plenty of visitors cover their ears!

    Where you and the wild things can hang out

    Belize Wildlife Adventures

    Booking a Belize trip to hear Howler Monkeys for yourself begins with a Laru Beya Resort booking. This haven is on the Caribbean shoreline of the Placencia Peninsula where impressive all-inclusive packages, add-ons, and specials will have you grabbing a megaphone and shouting the news to your friends about this resort’s array of money-saving deals.

    To make sure you get enough monkey business during your stay, the Best of Belize Adventure Add-on features an opportunity to go off on a Monkey River Boat Cruise and Jungle Hike that could bring you so close to these loud mouths, that you may find that the urge to scream back is irresistible. Your Monkey River Boat Cruise is but one of three components included within this add-on.

    You’ll also snorkel at the world-famous Belize Barrier Reef and choose one more adventure from the menu: Maya Canopy Jungle Zipline and Waterfall Swimming, Cave Tubing and River Exploration, or the Xunantunich Maya Ruin & Inland Blue Hole Tour. We’re not monkeying around when we tell you that this in-person experience will blow your mind, so why not make your voice heard by booking this priceless experience immediately.

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