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  • Thanksgiving in Placencia Belize

    How grateful are you feeling this year as Thanksgiving approaches? Did you know that gratitude plays a major role in keeping you healthy? According to psychologist Matt Killingsworth, the happiest people on earth practice the art of gratitude regularly rather than saving it all up for Thanksgiving. Dr. Robert A. Emmons agrees. The University of California-Davis professor has proven that the “The human need to express gratitude seems to be a powerful and almost universal phenomenon.” People who feel and express gratitude regularly can anticipate these benefits:

    • Your health gets a boost simply by counting your blessings.
    • Being grateful lowers blood pressure, energizes people, and provokes optimism.
    • Daily gratitude practices can diminish or slow neurogenerational effects of aging.
    • Folks who don’t feel gratitude are more likely to suffer from excessive stress and have weak immune systems.
    • People who are thankful are calmer, more secure, and have the capacity to form tighter bonds with others.

    Why not double down on gratitude this Thanksgiving?

    In return for all the gratitude you muster and spread to everyone you encounter, nobody deserve a break more than you do. Instead of the frenzied holiday preparations you face every November- shopping, cooking, cleaning, and hosting-make this the peaceful, sun-filled year-end celebration that you deserve.

    Let someone else do all the work by escaping to Belize where the Placencia Peninsula, a tropical paradise, is the reward you can claim in return for all of the kindnesses you have bestowed on others throughout 2023. Spend the holiday at Laru Beya Resort, a premier property on the Caribbean shoreline where you are bound to feel grateful for the warm reception, service, amenities and other perks that you’ll find at this tropical haven.

    Laru Beya morphs into an epicenter of holiday fun every Thanksgiving, and while the warm temperatures driven by Belize’s perpetual sun sooth your spirit, there will be turkey on the table at the resort’s onsite restaurant in addition to the side dishes you count on to remind yourself of happy days around the Thanksgiving table over time. Further, no fancy clothes required. It’s your holiday so wear what you please.

    Thanksgiving in Placencia

    More reasons to be grateful

    Laru Beya staffers call the resort’s current special Belize Bliss because that’s how guests feel when they enjoy price breaks. If your timing is right and every accommodation hasn’t been booked, Thanksgiving at Laru Beya gives you an opportunity to reward yourself for all the good you have done throughout the year. Read the details and you’ll likely find yourself even more thankful than usual.

    As you can see, the Belize All Inclusive Package takes care of the entirety of your escape, so you can explore this beautiful peninsula at your leisure. How to make this happen? Call Laru Beya’s toll-free number (1-800-329-2528) or visit the resort’s booking page. Once you’re confirmed, consider that traditional turkey dinner with all of the trimmings reserved in your name, too!

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