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  • Placencia Belize Activities

    “If I only have four days off, I’m not spending two of those in the air,” said one travel study participant when asked the question: Exactly how long should a trip be for that stress to be “worth it”? Scientists at the Academy of Finland discovered that between three and six days away is ideal. Choose a destination that doesn’t come with an exhausting flight and even four days of fun, exploration, and relaxation is enough to rejuvenate you.

    Where to go to remove yourself from stressors that drive your need for a getaway? Belize takes just a few hours to reach and since no language barriers exist, it’s the ideal destination. Further, did you know that by replacing one or two annual long vacations with multiple short ones you are likely to live longer? Rod Cuthbert, author of the book Vacation Rules, can verify this if you don’t believe it, so start packing and planning for your escape!

    This four-day itinerary offers you the best of Placencia

    The Placencia peninsula allows visitors to maximize time in the country because proximity to a wealth of adventures allows them to do more things in a shorter period of time. Book a stay at Laru Beya Resort on the peninsula and this ideal itinerary offers you a taste of the best Placencia has to offer:

    Day #1 in Placencia Belize:

    Start day 1 of your Belize vacation by borrowing a resort bicycle to check out the shops, cafes, and galleries of Placencia Village. Return in time to experience the freshwater infinity swimming pool, beach, kayaks, and a Hobie Cat at Laru Beya.

    Day #2 in Placencia Belize:

    Placencia Belize Activities and ToursVisit a Belize Maya Ruin. There are around 900 of them located throughout Belize and some of the best are close to Placencia so you won’t have to spend the entirety of your second day getting to the one you prefer. And if you choose the Adventure Add-On Package you will have direct access to the many adventures and cultural explorations that Belize has to offer.

    Day #3 in Placencia Belize:

    Howler Monkeys in Belize

    Go on a nature and jungle tour that shows off Belize’s legendary landscapes and where you could be introduced to magnificent members of its wildlife community. From the last refuge for jaguars on earth to ear-splitting calls delivered by Howler monkeys and a symphony of tropical birds that call Belize home, your third day will be thrilling and educational.

    Day #4 in Placencia Belize:

    Things to see and do in Placencia BelizeTake a diving and snorkeling tour set up for you by the Laru Beya staff. It matters not what your skill level is because guides stand ready to take you to diving spots that suit your proficiency. Guests have four choices and what better way to spend day four than by diving into one of these enchanting underwater worlds?

    Want to bundle several exciting activities? Ask about Laru Beya’s Best of Belize Adventure Add-On, which includes Belize Barrier Reef Snorkeling, Monkey River Boat Cruise & Jungle Hike and your choice of one of the following tours: Maya Canopy Jungle Zipline & Waterfall Swimming or Cave Tubing & River Exploration Touror Xunantunich Mayan Ruin & Inland Blue Hole Tour.

    What to do on the plane ride home? Count your blessings. Review the photos you took that revisit everything you saw, tasted, and experienced during your adventures. Promise yourself that you’ll return soon now that you know that short stays like this one are not only fun and memorable but by taking more of them, you’ll even live longer!

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