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  • 5 Best Places to Visit in Belize This Summer

    If you’re heading to Belize this summer, we’ve got 5 recommendations for “can’t miss” spots guaranteed to delight and impress based on endless recommendations from tourists who are not shy about expressing their opinions. You’ll likely join this universe – even if you don’t get to every one!

    1. The Belize Barrier Reef. Astronauts spot it from the stratosphere but seeing it up close can be a life-altering experience. Home to around 500 fish species, this coral haven is a UNESCO World Heritage site awash in mangrove forests, estuaries, sandy islands, atolls, and lagoons. Whether you snorkel, dive or sail by it, prepare to be inspired – just as Charles Darwin and Jacques Cousteau were when they beheld it.

    2. Monkey River. You’ll hear them before you see them: Howler monkeys make themselves known from as far away as 3 miles, producing the planet’s loudest calls. A Monkey River tour not only gets you up close and personal with these chatty monkeys, but you’ll cruise past riverbanks filled with lush plants, trees, and flowers and sail into mangrove swamps where shy manatees hide out. Take the trip and bring an appetite: you’ll stop at Monkey River Village for a tasty lunch.

    3. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. There are 128,000 acres of rainforest to explore, chief among them the nature reserve that safeguards endangered jaguars who roam 250,000 protected acres. Jaguars are just the zoological tip of the iceberg. Around 300 bird species plus pumas, margays, ocelots, deer, peccaries, and tapirs roam this paradise. Book a tour. You’ll need the services of an informed guide to answer your questions!

    4.Placencia peninsula beaches. This picture-perfect coastline hosts the longest stretch of beach on the Belize mainland and every foot of it is idyllic. From quiet stretches of sand where more palm trees than people can be spotted to touristy areas where eateries, pubs, and small businesses invite visitors to stop in, you’ll find exactly the environment you seek.

    5. Visit a Belize Maya ruin. If you love choices, Belize has no equal: There are 900 Maya ruins within the nation’s borders, and they range in size from entire cities to small sites that are just being excavated. Put Nim Li Punit,  Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Lubaantun on your priority list. Keep going if you still crave more after visiting these four breathtaking locations.

    You’ll need a home base during your vacation …

    …and if you make that property Laru Beya Resort on the peninsula, you’ll not only wind up in close proximity to all of these must-see destinations, but the resort’s Belize tour menu takes care of arrangements associated with these hot spots so no worries about transport, lunches and other items that make a tour perfect.

    Having determined that Laru Beya easily fulfills your summer vacation itinerary, you’ll be delighted to know that discounts associated with your stay at Laru Beya are available so you don’t have to max out your credit card to have the world’s best summer sojourn. Pack the sunscreen and comfy shoes. You’re going to need both!

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