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  • Planning the Perfect Group Vacation in Belize

    When was the first time you heard someone describe a performance as a “perfect 10”? It’s the ultimate compliment for skating and gymnastics competitors, and those who recall classic films are likely to remember 10 as the criteria British actor Dudley Moore used to describe the woman of his dream in the movie, “10.”

    Did you know that 10 is an ideal number of people when planning a group activity? Whether it’s a seminar or a friends’ get-together, 10 people are ideally suited to a meaningful conversation that rarely happens when too many people show up. That’s never the case when it comes to group vacations where one Caribbean resort on Belize’s Placencia Peninsula can also deliver a price reduction for your 10+ group, too!

    Laru Beya Resort, where friends grow closer

    belize group vacations

    Because size and destination matter when picking a vacation venue for a party of 10, Laru Beya is neither too large nor too small to deliver on a super holiday experience, and since Belize is an English-speaking nation, your party won’t require a translation app to be understood. All-inclusive vacation packages and add-ons can be customized to meet group wishes, and since digs, meals, and unlimited alcoholic drinks are included, everyone can focus on fun not decision-making.

    Of course, when you’ve got 10 people to satisfy, not every one of them will be on the same page, which is why the beach, swimming pool, kayaks, Hobie cat, and bicycles are all available to suit guest interests. Your group can even visit a different beach by going to the lagoon side of the Placencia peninsula where spotting manatees is a popular activity. And who doesn’t love in-room spa treatments?

    See Belize through the eyes of friends

    Belize group travel

    It’s always enlightening to travel with folks who are newbies because they find delight in every aspect of travel, but groups of people also have individual interests. Laru Beya has your party covered via a tour menu that includes the top activities, sites, and attractions on the Placencia peninsula and throughout Belize.

    There’s enough variety to satisfy group members and when you reunite at the end of the day over dinner and drinks, the conversation will be non-stop! Given these perks, you may think that your group vacation at Laru Beya is already ideal, but when you learn that the resort offers group discounts on packages that cover 10+ people, you could do a communal happy dance. Visit this web page or call the US Toll Free number: 1-800-329-2528 to nail down the details!

    “Laru Beya is a beautiful resort, and at the same time so unpretentious,” wrote one delighted group leader after a stay. “It suited us perfectly. Many of my group said to me on different occasions what a great find Laru Beya was. We are all still talking and can’t figure out how every member of staff there seemed to know all our names by our faces! Really remarkable.” You and your friends can take that review to the bank!

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