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  • 4-day Belize itinerary

    One of the most talked about new trends is the 4-day work week that’s becoming commonplace in the U.S. Four-day work weeks are also creating a new vacation niche for people with shorter work weeks. This emerging trend has spurred Laru Beya Resort on Belize’s Placencia peninsula to promote a 4-day getaway that is equally beneficial because short, intermittent getaways accomplish so many goals:

    • Go overseas minus the long plane ride by choosing Laru Beya for your escape.
    • Short getaways have been proven to hype productivity and creativity.
    • Four day sojourns boost emotional and physical health.
    • Long vacations are detrimental to those who restrict their travel to one annual trip.
    • Short escapes mean less baggage so no inflated airline bag fees to pay.
    • Thanks to Laru Beya pre-paid packages, your vacation starts even before you arrive.

    So much to do during your 4-day getaway

    Chocolate Tours in Belize

    Because variety is the spice of life, maximize your 4-day sojourn for the ultimate taste of Belize. Laru Beya staff and frequent visitors suggest these excursions that deliver fun, excitement, and spirit restoration over your short stay:

    • Spend a relaxing day fishing. Choose either reef fishing or fly-fishing tours and if you’re an avid fan of this popular sport, why not go for both?
    • Scuba dive. Use your skill and interest level to select from Laru Beya’s unique menu of options. If diving isn’t your cup of tea, the world’s second-longest barrier reef makes snorkeling an extraordinary experience.
    • Take a jungle tour by opting for either the resort’s Cockscomb Basin or Monkey River excursion. You can also go horseback riding or birding, though Laru Beya regulars insist that the local chocolate farm tour is the most delicious option of all!
    • We’ve left the best for last. You’re invited to be on hand for Belize’s Lobsterfest, to be held between July 5th and July 7th. Eating lobster for 4 days has no downside and you can do that while filling your calendar with tours.

    Are short getaways life savers?

    They can be, say the University of Illinois researchers, whose clinical findings include improved focus, lower blood pressure, and decreased stress hormones. Physical and mental health are enhanced by breathing clean ocean air and being lulled to sleep by waves washing on shore. You don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy the resort’s fabulous meals and onsite amenities for four effortless days.

    Your friends will be envious—especially the stressed-out ones who take one vacation annually and stay grumpy throughout the remainder of the year. Of course, you could let them in on your plans and invite them to come along with you. You’ll likely engender their gratitude for years to come, and who can’t find a way to snag a four-day hiatus?

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