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  • Belize Family Vacation

    If you’ve exhausted your list of North American destinations focused on entertainment or educational value that gave your children an up-close and personal look at the USA’s history and heritage, it may be time to consider expanding your kids’ vistas by taking them overseas. If you began shaking your head in mid-sentence because you’ve already collected your share of “kids on planes” nightmares, relax. Belize is a short plane ride away, and you’ll transport your youngsters to a world of wonder where new and exotic experiences is sure to impact them dramatically.

    Parents enjoy surprises, too. Belize is a great place to explore more than just water sports. The nation’s network of Maya ruins is only surpassed by the cultural experiences you’ll encounter when you select the Placencia Peninsula as your destination. From local towns to access to two lush coastlines, this is the place today’s family prefers for too many reasons to list here!

    Where to stay to make unforgettable memories?

    Laru Beya Resort offers proximity to everything from the sporting adventures for which Belize is known to waterfalls, mountains, rivers, jungle, and wildlife that leave visitors thinking that Belize must have been the place Noah collected two of every species! Prepare everyone for the ultimate family adventure that starts the moment you reach your Laru Beya accommodation.

    Kid friendly, parent friendly, and really friendly staffers

    affordable family vacations

    If you’ve ever taken a family vacation only to find that the ad reading “kids welcome” is anything but true, every member of your clan will thrive at this resort. Not only are employees hired for their patience and appreciation of children, but staffers put their stamps of approval on the All Inclusive Package that saves every family time and effort.

    Further, moms and dads find that they can completely relax by taking turns babysitting the kids at the pool while the other parent enjoys spa services delivered on either your balcony or within your suite, proving that while kids may be treated with kindness, they’re not the only members of the family to get much-needed stress relief during a stay.

    The factor that could determine your decision to book

    Having realized the bounty of perks families receive that range from digs and meals to activities and fun, you’re also in charge of making the family budget the arbiter of all decisions, and the current Laru Beya travel deal is your invitation to save money while you’re enjoying every aspect of this holiday.

    Kids may not understand what a difference an $80 per night discount can make when juggling family finances, but you do, so read the restrictions associated with this special, book immediately, and take your family trip any time between now and December 18. Family time, as your grandparents will tell you, is fleeting. Before you know it, your youngsters will have flown the nest, taking with them treasured memories of vacations just like the one you’re planning!

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