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  • Why Settle For One Belize Resort When You Can Stay at Two

    Experience the Best of Belize

    Whether you consider yourself thrifty or you rarely think about cost when you see something you want, you’re going to agree that staying at two luxury Belize resorts after buying a single plane ticket is a deal you want to know about. This split stay comes to you courtesy of Belize hoteliers eager to give visitors a double dose of heaven by inviting vacationers to two properties during a visit and at a single, affordable rate!

    Because Coco Plum Island Resort and Laru Beya Resort are sister properties, think of this as your chance to meet the entire family, and as the staff at both resorts agree, “When island life meets a laid-back beach town, magic happens.” You’ll agree, too!

    Laru Beya is located on a beach that runs along the Placencia coastline, currently considered the top destination in Belize for tourists seeking the best in scenery, safety, activities, and luxury. Cross the water to reach the Coco Plum Island Resort, a picturesque little bump in the sea that offers unprecedented privacy for just a handful of guests.

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    Reef and Rainforest Tailor-Made Tours

    Come prepared to experience everything from reef to rainforest as you explore distinct differences found at each of these sites. Your job is to secure your reservation while summer rates are low. Fly to Belize where a Laru Beya staff member assigned to shuttling you to the resort will pick you up at the airport and escort you to the oceanfront suite prepared just for your visit.

    With 16 miles of sandy beaches, the Placencia Peninsula on the Caribbean coast of southeastern Belize is often described as the “island you can drive to” due to its laid-back atmosphere and close proximity to some of the top sites on the reef. Just a few miles from Laru Beya are a myriad of gorgeous islands with crystal clear waters absolutely teeming with marine life, making it an ideal place to enjoy activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and sea kayaking.

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    While at Laru Beya, you’ll receive a welcome cocktail and the golf cart rental can be used  when you’re not going off on adventure tours or enjoying gourmet dining onsite. Once you’ve had your fill, take a shuttle to Dangriga and then a short boat ride that gets you to your second taste of heaven: a posh oceanfront cabana at Coco Plum where you’ll be spoiled by staff because there are only a few guests to look after.

    With only 18 private cabanas on Coco Plum, you couldn’t run into a crowd if you tried, so you can expect to reach a state of tranquility and peace that only comes as a result of spending more time enjoying island living than putting up with hordes of tourists!

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    Enjoy happy hour between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. each evening and spend as much of your stay on the island as you like cuddling in a hammock-built-for-two or lounging on the beach.

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    Book Your All inclusive Getaway Now

    This is an extraordinary chance to see how it feels to vacation near civilization and on a lush island, but this opportunity won’t last forever. Book your two-resort holiday now, before you turn around and realize that summer and this amazing opportunity have both passed you by.

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