Belize Honeymoons in Placencia

Find Honeymoon Heaven in Placencia, Belize

Celebrate the Start of Your New Life in Belize Couples so focused on wedding decisions often give their honeymoons short shrift. It’s easy to do. Exhaustion, excitement, and stress combine to create a situation in which the couple browses the Internet, to figure out how far they can go without emptying their bank accounts and voila! The post-wedding trip is done. But not every couple…

Why Settle For One Belize Resort When You Can Stay at Two

Why Settle For One Belize Resort When You Can Stay at Two?

Experience the Best of Belize Whether you consider yourself thrifty or you rarely think about cost when you see something you want, you’re going to agree that staying at two luxury Belize resorts after buying a single plane ticket is a deal you want to know about. This package comes to you courtesy of Belize hoteliers eager to give visitors a double dose of heaven…

A Short and Sweet Overview of Placencia Belize

The villagers enjoy the easy life as much as visitors – as you’ll find out during Lobster-Fest, celebrated over a fun-filled weekend in late June, shortly after the opening of the lobster season. You could also try to visit during the Sidewalk Arts Festival, held around Valentine’s Day, when you can meet some of the artists and musicians of Belize’s vibrant arts scene.