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    Working From Home? Why Not Do Your Job in Paradise?

    Plenty of people have volunteered to take care of your pet while you’re gone and even your boss says she doesn’t much care about your location, so the impossible thought that has teased your brain — working from somewhere other than your home — may not be as insane as you think.

    But if you don’t pick the right destination, you could spend half of your life jet-lagged from flying back and forth and the other half wishing you had found a place where everyone speaks English.

    Think working from a tropical haven is a fantasy? Not if you choose Belize as your office-away-from-home because as long as every deadline is met, does it matter whether you prepare spreadsheets in shorts or do a little kayaking while you’re waiting for the data you require to finish designing the annual report to arrive?

    Belize is a couple of hours by plane from multiple U.S. cities so returning to the office for critical strategy sessions, budget meetings and client meet-ups simply isn’t a big deal. No need to pack suits, stilettos, or coats because the weather in Belize is temperate year-round, but it’s recommended that you ease up on the tan you’re building in advance of trips back to the office so colleagues don’t question your work ethic.

    Where to stay to make this sweet dream possible? Laru Beya Resort located on the trendy Placencia peninsula. The resort is once again welcoming guests soon and to sweeten the deal for travelers who do plan to work remotely, discounts and incentives designed just for you could solve all of your relocation dilemmas. The resort’s “Just Chillin” package is all inclusive so your stay includes beautiful accommodations, great meals, essential amenities, and even tours. Best of all, no unwanted interruptions from office mates, bosses, and a phone that never stops ringing.

    travel to belizeBook Now Or Call The Resort Directly For Assistance

    Stick around a couple of weeks to finish a proposal and qualify for a 20-percent discount. Stay three weeks to enjoy a 25-percent price break or spend an entire month on-site to finish a complicated project and discount your bill by 30-percent. What? You’re writing a book after your publisher signed you to a deal but you haven’t written the first word or picked a title? Laru Beya staff is happy to talk with you about a customized rate if you need to stay longer than a month.

    Sound too good to be true? Verify every aspect of these offers on Laru Beya’s website. Must you take advantage of this offer immediately? Not necessarily since it extends from Fall 2020 to May 29, 2021, but if you’ve already got killer deadlines on important projects, why wait? Use the code EXTENDEDWEB when you book and start searching for swimsuits.

    It’s probably not the world’s best idea to snap selfies of yourself in the pool during the workweek and don’t let anyone at your office convince you that you’re risking your health by leaving the country. Laru Beya has been designated a Gold Standard property by putting into place health and hygiene practices that far exceed those that are likely implemented at your office, so bring your briefcase, your files, and your masks.

    You know this opportunity won’t come around again any time soon, right? And if you set up direct deposit for your paychecks, you don’t even have to wait for the mail to arrive at your remote office where beach rewards for completing goals is standard operating procedure!

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