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  • What you need to know before visiting Belize this year

    Let’s start with what you already know! Belizeans are warm. The weather is warmer. It only takes a few hours to reach Belize from southern U.S. cities (you may not finish your crossword puzzle), and because everyone speaks English, no apps are required.

    Belize’s Covid preventative measures are so state of the art, the tourism industry instituted Gold Standard protocols, conferring certification on the nation’s resorts and attractions so tourists stay safe and healthy. Further, as of February 15, 2022, another measure will be put into place to ensure visitor welfare: tourists must buy Belize travel insurance. Once you understand the benefits this coverage offers, you won’t hesitate to say yes.

    What does Belize travel insurance cover?

    While QRPs, Belizeans, permanent residents, diplomats, long-stay non-nationals, military personnel, Peace Corps volunteers, airline crew, and people sticking around for less than 24 hours aren’t required to have it, everyone else – including infants and kids – must have it.

    Application is easy. Visit to complete your application before you come to Belize or purchase it at Philip Goldson International Airport upon arrival. Once in place, you are covered for medical emergencies during your stay, and you can choose coverage amounts up to US $50,000.00.

    How expensive is this much coverage? Just US $18 for up to 21 days of services that include emergency treatments, diagnostic services, outpatient care, hospital stays, emergency room, and surgery costs, emergency transportation by local ambulance, and more.

    In case you incur lodging expenses arising from a quarantine, that’s covered too – as are hotel reimbursements if sickness, injury, or death requires you to cut short your stay. Further, emergency air transport out of Belize for verifiable pre-existing conditions is also included. That’s massive amounts of coverage for $18 and there are no deductibles!

    Belize Travel Information

    There’s so much more to know about your stay

    It goes without saying that sojourning at a Belize property as the pandemic winds down requires you to be extra vigilant about the district you choose to visit. Travel experts agree that no area has as much to offer as does the Placencia peninsula where two coasts (oceanside and lagoon side) make this 16-mile-long finger of land the ultimate destination for folks seeking idyllic escapes.

    Folks enamored with Placencia return because everything they desire is found there: Quaint towns, attractions, and resorts that come with reputations that are as reassuring as the travel insurance you purchase. Outstanding among them is Laru Beya Resort, a jewel of a property offering the holiday you desire.

    Lush landscaping, clean and comfortable accommodations, onsite gourmet dining, and every amenity under the sun await discriminating travelers for whom no ordinary resort will do. Further, Laru Beya’s Belize all inclusive packages are your ticket to effortless vacationing because they take the work out of everything associated with your stay.

    Having found affordable airline tickets, explored all aspects of your Laru Beya stay, and seeing to your insurance, you might think you have it all, but resort specials could make your vacation even more enjoyable if you like saving money. Given all of these perks, consider yourself both insured and ensured of having the time of your life!

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